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Human Lovinity in a floral dress by infinitelove143 Human Lovinity in a floral dress by infinitelove143
Here's a cute picture of Anime/human Lovinity in a floral dress, courtesy of Spaca on DeviantART.

Lovinity has been my "presence" ever since I first made her as a pony in 2012. She's a fictional character who represents infinite unconditional love (love + infinity = lovinity). She even had a deep story behind her... had a back story, personality, strengths and weaknesses, and more. To me, she's real, though I know she's fictional. But she embodies a lot of what I believe in with a passion on the inside. As a human, and even more as a guy, I'm limited to how I can express what I believe in terms of love. So Lovinity expresses that for me.

Unfortunately, due to many complications I had with the Brony fandom, resulting in my departure from the fandom, Lovinity became an anime character... and the story goes she found a portal in Equestria which sent her here and turned her human.

She continues to me my presence, my expression, and who I look to especially when I have no one else to turn to. If in a struggle, I ask myself, "what would Lovinity do?". She's my inner Senpai and always will be. <3

NOTE: You do NOT have my permission to re-use this picture for any purpose without getting my explicit okay first.
Spaca Featured By Owner Edited Nov 6, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Just saw that. Thank you so much for commissioning me!
infinitelove143 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
No problem! I use her as an avatar on facebook and on my website
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