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Infinite Heart: Redesign

This is the Redesign on Infinite Heart.          (Update: lol, I forgot her signature bracelets. Oops. There they are now, yay.)

Infinite Heart (Infinite or Nit) is my original character inspired by Hasbro's My Little Pony. 

Her mother is a changeling soldier named Glimmer Wing, and her father, Steel Hooves, is in the special forces of the Royal Guard. Their backstory summed up, is he didn't kill her when he could have, treated her wounds, and while she was healing she fell in love with Pony life and the pony who saved her. They had Infinite Heart together, who Steel dubs as being a new breed called, "Flutter Pony."

I wanted Infinite to be pony like, but still more changeling in someways, emphasizing that until Equestrian society accepts changelings she can't, without her guise, really fit in without being considered a freak. Poor Nit... :( 

She is a special forces soldier like her father (it's a family thing, all the Hooves members are), but eventually she takes a leave of absence after an event in order to better find herself, which is really what brings everything to come upon her. 

I look forward to writing her story!

All rights to My Little Pony are strictly to Hasbro.

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