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I Met the Soldier - It Was Bad

".... GEEZ! Soldier, what the HELL is wrong with you??!" :iconmadnoesplz:


Me: "Dude, what are you DOING?"

Soldier: "Outta the way, cupcake! That camera is a SPY!!"

Me: "...WHAT? That... that's just my webcam! WEBCAM! Get with the times!"

Soldier: "Yer not foolin me you knucklehead Spy! Pop your head right through that camera right NOW and I'll rip your eyes from their sockets!"

Me: "Look! Mister Doe! I'm trying to Skype with my older sister, do you MIND?"

Soldier: "That Spy has taken our Intelligence for the LAST TIME! Lemme in there and I'll plant my boot up his ass!"

Me: "Dude! I can't see anything!"

Soldier: "I know there's a Frenchy in there somewhere!"

Me: "Hey! Stop hitting my computer!"

Soldier: "Stand back, cheesecake! This is no place for a little lady! I'm gonna blow that Spy outta his frilly pink leotard!"

Me: "Cheesecake? Little lady? You're a sexist! SEXIST!!"

Soldier: "VOMIT!"

Me: "Oh my GOD... Can someone tell me how to put this Soldier back where I got him from? When Valve said it was sending me my own Soldier, I didn't think they MEANT IT!! This has got something to do with that damn TF2 Mac Update, doesn't it?"


(Is a dedicated PC gamer.)

LOL!! :XD: That was too fun. :giggle: This is my submission to the "Quick Fun Project" for #MORONTOPIA.

The project required us Miraculous Morons to Photoshop (or GIMP, in my case) a video game character into a real life piccy. Simple.

I decided to play around with a Gmod image of the Soldier from Team Fortress 2.

I hope the other members do this, too. :roll:

The Soldier and Team Fortress 2 are © Valve.

Picture belongs to me. =therage311

Enjoy! :)

EDIT: And believe it or not, somehow this was inspired by THIS SONG. :| So get your earplugs ready.

No Macs or PCs were harmed in the making of this image. A Soldier, maybe, but no computers.
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Hehehe this is brilliant x'3
InfiniteFruit's avatar
Hurrhurr, thanks. =P
The-Glass-Flamenco's avatar
I bet that would be annoying. 
flandre495's avatar
Howd you get him over there
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Thats not Soldier is Painis Cupcake
InfiniteFruit's avatar
Yeah, they were supposed to send me a Soldier to keep the damn hippies off my lawn, but they sent this defect Painis Cupcake. If only I knew that then....
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You look like Miss Pauling from the TF2 comics. :D Funny story, Soldier is stupid and doesn't understand technology...
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Hahaha, what?! :XD: Hahahaaaa! :rofl: Miss Pauling, huh? :laughing: Well, thanks! Yeah, Solly is a little empty upstairs... :lol:
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In a good way! And Solly is also racist: [link]
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Oh of course. I've heard him enough times to know. :greetings:
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.........................that smile

OMG! :iconpainiscupcake2plz:
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"That camera is a SPY!!"

haha that's awesome
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Ohgod this is great xDDD
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Dude your face is priceless...
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