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He just keeps insisting on trying to climb trees....
I had an old sketch of my attempt at drawing Whitney just sitting around in my folder so I thought I'd give it some color.

Whitney is a character from the comic Peter & Whitney by :iconpeterandcompany:
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Dawwwww...I wanna hug her!
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Very cute work here, Infinitedge. :)
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Whitney look like a friendly and lovely girl! :aww:
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Nice job on your artwork.
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Ohhhhh man, you've outdone yourself with this one, sir. You should have heard Whitney's reaction when she saw it. XD

Thank you so much!!
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So that's what that noise was. ;3
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I remember my time with trees: ( when i was 15 , I climped up a big tree and when i was close to the top , i saw a big spider for a second before she jumped right in to my face. Than i fall down and broke my arm, but i was just happy that the spider was gone. :)
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I couldn't climb trees, unless they grew in what I call the "Wimpy Pattern".
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Ah, I remember when I was younger, and I tried climbing on trees. I've broken my elbow two times...
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