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I Haven't done fanart for Twokinds for quiet a while so I hope you guys like it ^_^
Boop Sketch by infinitedge2u

Mrs.Nibbly and Lady Nora are characters from the comic Twokinds by :icontwokinds:
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I enjoy the warm atmosphere and the beams of light coming through the trees(I mean, aside from it being adorable).
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That is just pretty darn cute.
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That is downright adorable. I could easily imagine Lady Nora doing something like that for fun.
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This is a beautiful work of art! Clap 
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So believable.
I mean, I could totally think this actually happens in webcomics itself.
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This ship is launch.
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That's either a huge squirrel, or a tiny dragon.
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It really is a lovely picture ^^
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Once again, so cute! Glad to see Nibs getting the fanart treatment ^^
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So much cuteness! :D :la:
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It's Laty Norah. And Mris Nibs. Dat is the best, funnaest, thang evar.
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Mrs. Nibbly is my favorite character!:) this is great!
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The cuteness in this picture is overwhelming!!!
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then they made 100s and 100s of drag-rrel and won the war x3
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Nibs cute as always ^^
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awwwwwwwww so cute
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