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Being Precise

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RIP Apple ;_;

I was having a constant back and forth of telling myself that I'm done but then I just kept throwing myself at it again, haha. It think it came out pretty good tho, I'm satisfied. ^_^
Winner of my week 3 character drawing poll. Voted on by the community for me to draw and color ^_^
Precise by infinitedge2u

Dust, Fidget, and Ahrah are from the game Dust: An Elysian Tail by Dean Dodrill
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Slice it like a BOSS~
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You just got SERVED!
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I still need to play this game...
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Noooo apple is my fav item even though it gives like 20 HP XD
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Remarkable work! i love it!
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You'll regret doing that later when you die because you are out of healing items
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This game sure was fun to play!
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I loved this one :D
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saddest death--
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OMG loved at game
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Been playing Fruit Ninja.
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Looks amazing!  Dust is one of my favorite games.
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love the details :D
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            ONIGIRI THING 
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"the fruits and vegetables must die!"
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Whoa, nice work. Good job. ^^
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I see Dust has now joined the ranks of Polyblank, The Fruit Ninja, and more.
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You made me want to play this game again.
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Haha, your welcome ;3
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I always love seeing art for Dust: An Elysian Tail.
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