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After i had to delete the other tutorial (thanks a lot religious fanatic girl!!!) i decided do this... i think its better and with a more apealing visual. Hard Work doing this!! Hope you like it and i hope it will help someone. :)

Wanna thank for let me use her preety face :hug:

kisses for the girls, hugs for the boys :D


Edit: It seems that the final letter of the words on the right were cutted...dont now why. But it still is legible :s

And in the stitches part the "example pic" dont have the stitches... but its okay! You can see it the next pic bellow B)
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That's pretty good^^
but I think the transition from skin to bone is too smoth
the skin of a zombie is usually frayed and rotting away
this looks like it's blending into the bone
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Very helpful, thanks for sharing. :)
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sweet. I'm faving this to use later. Thanks a lot for putting forth the effort. :D
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No problem preety lady! Glad you like it!
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hah, i found it AGAIN! like 4 months later....

thats entertaining<333
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Nice tutorial!

And holy jeezeez, put the link to the stitches stock image. It's so gross/cool.
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dont know the link..try to look for stitches in google or here in Da ;)
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whats the blasphemy in zombies? I didnt realized made up creatures were controlled by the devil. Half the time I KNOW they are controlled by diseases. That chick needs to do some research
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the girl FROM THE OTHER TUTORIAL claim her mother visits DA very often and because she was very religious she wont let her pic transformed into zombie.... go figure :\ lol

Once again i wanna thanks the GIRL FROM THIS TUTORIAL :) :hug:
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haha i like it! it's a very good tutorial, very useful. looks pretty gross though, but i love it :]
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thank you preety lady :hug:
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lol, none too grateful huh..
well you did great in explaining this!
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you think? I think i suck at making tutorials ahah
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haha! well made sense to me but I am familiar with the tools

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Well i didnt like the outcome of the final pic... but ive done this tutorial when i was making the manipulation... guess i should done the pic and then made the tut.


Iff you want you can ask how ive did certain things in my gallery :)
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Lol that's gross, but so wicked. I love it!
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Mt fixe.
Tenho de experimentar ... vamos la ver que coisa vai sair :|
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nice tutorial man, nice and scary lol
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This is great. Thanks for sharing.
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Thank you for the tutorial. I've often wondered how it was done.
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