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Waiting For The End

By Infinite705
    Waiting For The End

    Waiting for the end to come
    Wishing I had strength to stand
    This is not what I had planned
    It's out of my control
    Flying at the speed of light
    Thoughts were spinning in my head
    So many things were left unsaid
    It's hard to let you go
    ~ Linkin Park

    Model Photo; Alexander Yakovlev The Dancer
    DA; #resurgere [link] . [link]
    + Photoshop brushes/ filters.

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This is beautiful, Ange. Just beautiful. We miss you at DBZF! :) Drop me a line, my username is Sam there now, if you get a chance. I love this song.
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Trying to log in ... had to email the admin.
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pliiz the link for the bruches
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they are default brushes in Photoshop.
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sorry but i dont have those tringles and stuuf plizz if u can send me the file .abr and thanks
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those are not brushes, they are lines put together
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so u just draw them by the pentooL or wht cuz i need theem
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I do not particularly like your attitude. Just use something that creates lines.
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ok sorry tnnx alot ^^
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I love it! *o* <3
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I love the colors! Definitely in favs. :)
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i love that song
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Awesome Linkin Park! I love this song but all my friends say that LP sold out and their new songs suck and stuff. Nice to see another fan of their new song and the picture is like dead on and looks just like the MV!
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thankyou very much :D
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on the verge on a transformation OwO lol awesome job =3
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I LOVE this! Do you think I could use this as a signature on a fansite forum I belong to? (I would credit you of course ^^)
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