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but you're not here II



"When our heart start losing each other, the happy moment we had in the past is like fake
Every day I spent is like a dream , and the timing that slipped in between
Can't go back to that moment anymore, even the scenery that met often
woo~ things became different a little, you are full in my thoughts, my tears is going to come out.
No matter is in the car or on the street, or the house that we lived together
and the seasons that we spent together, leaving me alone from now on
that precious feeling and memory, keeps on stirring in my head
you are always by my side, but you are not there anymore"


It's time to spread Hijikata love~ This time I tried a different approach, something that I actually have promised myself last year about not going to do any digital painting with mouse until I had a tablet. I wouldn't say I entirely painted the whole thing since I kinda vectored the outline for Hijikata before I actually painted the colours in. >___<

Spent about 5 hours straight as I was pretty excited. XD And I can't stop or else I wouldn't be able to feel that excited anymore. LOL. (I'm beginning to sound like a retard now, am I?) Will submit a wallpaper version. <3

Hijikata illustration - Cover Page for doujinshi manga "Rikka" (c) Nagisa (PLUG).
Hijikata Toshirou of Gintama (c) Sorachi Hideaki.

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... but you're not here
... but you're not here II WALLED!
Original scan cover for "Rikka"
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this one is awesome! Toushi for the win! ! :iconmayora13plz: