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Open for COMMISSIONS! + Prices and Infos by Infinite-Stardust Open for COMMISSIONS! + Prices and Infos by Infinite-Stardust
Hi guys! I am currently open for commissions. Attached you shall find what sizes of characters and the pricing, also including additional character's prices if you wish to have more than one character drawn. 

:bulletgreen: CURRENT SLOTS: 

It depends how much I'm getting but once I'm getting waaaay too many commissions I will keep you guys posted. 


1. If you're interested, send me a personal note here stating that you'd like to commission me.
   - Tell me very clearly if you're going for the headshot, bust shot or half/fullbody, whether you have additional characters or simple backgrounds. 

2. Give me as much details to the character(s) as possible. If you have reference photos or sketches that I can look into, show them to me. The more details you share with me the better! During working process I might come over with a few questions regarding the character if there's something I need to know more or don't understand.

3. Payment via Paypal UPFRONT only. Once I am okay with the details of the commission, payments to be made and confirmed before I start. 

4. I will send you an outline version to check up with you, should you want a revision. Only once the work is locked down during the outline version I will proceed to colouring. 

5. You will get a JPEG of 300 dpi in A4 size for the final product.

6. Unless you require commission to be done within a certain deadline, I would usually deliver commission within 2 weeks time. 

:bulletorange: I WILL DRAW:

1. Anything humanoid, in my style. 

2. Your original character (OC), somebody else's character + with their consent, real person or fanart. 

3. Heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, asexual are fine with me. 

4. Pinups, teasing art. 


1. Explicit art, nudity, porn, sex. 

2. Anything to do with politics or religions. (Greek or Norse mythology are still acceptable)

3. Hate art, abuse, discrimination or anything that gives off a negative impression upon viewing. 

Should you have any question, please feel free to contact me personally. Thanks! :)

You are free to view my art portfolio by clicking HERE.
shiuehu Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
welcome :D
shiuehu Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2015
so nice. good job character art. :) 
Infinite-Stardust Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2015   Digital Artist
Thanks! :D
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