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The Veteran and the Councilman by Infinite-Mausoleum The Veteran and the Councilman by Infinite-Mausoleum
More stuff from it. General idea is, sometimes a private corporation will "Sponsor" a KanTamashi, a rough analogue to a shipgirl but without the historical, naval, and gender restrictions. These private corporations decide everything, how they're outfitted, what missions they're sent on, and when they're retired and a new person steps into the rigging.

Magnolia "Motte" Desrosiers has worked with one such corporation. For at least a decade. A common KanTamashi will be in the service for about 5-7 years before retiring due to both physical and mental damage, and she's probably been around for double or triple that. For the past three years, she has been repeatedly promised retirement only to find that her taxi home is in fact taking her to another, usually much less comfortable campaign.

It was heartbreaking at first, but quickly shifted to being annoying.

As it stands, Desrosier bides her time, impulsively dragging on a strange-smelling cigar and lazily firing a few railgun shots downrange. Her end goal is to retire in Venice, but before that she intends to find the Councilman who controls her fate, and kill him.

Her squadmates persist that she smokes the cigar out of necessity instead of desire. A man once stole her cigar box to sell to the base's staff, and while for the next week any hostile contact in range was reduced to a red mist, they decided it'd ultimately be beneficial to everyone's health to give her a new box.
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May 14, 2017
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