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Ultra Fractal 5
© Janet Parke
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© 2011 - 2021 infinite-art
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Another breathtaking window into the mind. (I see it that way)
Marble clouds.
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Very suggestive.
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Dramatic in a subtle way, & while I'm not exactly sure how much I like the black, I gotta admit it makes your center spirals kind of sit up & say ""boo !". :lol: One thing I DO say is it's the kind of fractal you just kind of have to study...because you just can't glance at it & say awesomeness & trot off to FB.

Stunning work Janet. :)
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I'm glad you voiced some constructive criticism. The black borderish effect was sort of an accident, but I kept it because it was at least different for me.

This is not a work that I'm emotionally attached to. I learned some things in making it, and I'm proud of the craftsmanship I put into it, but I don't consider it one of my best. But it's still nice to hear that it's a work that invites study.

Your FB comment is priceless. Thanks for making my day!
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Well, you know me, one trick pony & all. :lol:'re welcome !!
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This somehow reminds me of mussel shells.

Beautiful as always. :hug:
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Very dramatic and powerful. And almost symmetric! :-P
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Immediately evokes classical scenes (Titian, Michelangelo), and the contrasts of lighting are so deftly managed!
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Thank you for your thoughtful comments!
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Visually epic scene. Great piece of art!
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OOooo! What a nice compliment!
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gorgeous as usual, Janet!
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lovely composition, i like the tones a lot! :clap:
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Beautiful piece! I love the earthy tones and natural textures. Do I see marble, wood and metal in there? Stunning. :clap:
Oh, and thank you so much for the ebook course, dear Janet! :hug:
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Thank you very much!
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Love the mineral texture and the impressive shape!
Smart use of black, grey, and faded colors!
Magnificent piece!
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Thank you for your kind comments!
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Beautiful work as always Janet!!
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