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The Pin Up King by pekerhed The Pin Up King :iconpekerhed:pekerhed 71 40 Arioch- Dichotomous Rapture by IzzyMedrano Arioch- Dichotomous Rapture :iconizzymedrano:IzzyMedrano 102 60
sanguine tears
i wear a crown of thorns upon my head.
embedded tips in flesh so pallid and vestal that i fail to see
the ring of scars i ruefully carry.
streaks of white, so perfectly red
seeds sown from roses so perfectly dead.
in my room, i weep.
scarlet drops on satin sheets;
a slight hue to break the monotony of perfect white.
my crucifixion upon this bed of roses.
silence cast upon the voice of reason
as each petal moans and laments my misfortune.
the winds cry out, \"no more\"
outside my window, lies a world so vast and uncharted.
it will hurt to discover that which makes itself visible unto our bleeding eyes
as we will regret not having found it earlier - when we needed it.
when it needed us.
the dying rose wafts gently beneath the cold moonlight.
it is here, that hope springs eternal.
eyes adrift, capture humanity through nature.
amongst a forest of thistles and bracts
a life disappears beneath footsteps long since covered by autumn\'s leaves
atrophied and destitute, it s
:iconfailurecomplex:failurecomplex 5 7
depth perception - 3rd attempt
i am everything you ever wanted,
but nothing you\'d ever have.
i am a lie.
do not believe a word i say.
i am a saint.
a sinner.
an atheist.
i am religion.
put your faith in me,
and i will let you down.
i am the beginning,
the origin.
the creation.
but i will bring the end.
and i will thrust it upon all of you.
i believe in nothing
but even nothing is something.
my all-time high
has hit an all-time low.
it has brought me up,
and i will drag you down.
i am entirely me,
but still a part of you.
i am far too simple to be complex.
i am everywhere but here.
anytime but now.
with anyone but myself.
i speak the truth,
but live a lie.
i\'m the first to admit my denial.
i drive myself crazy striving to be sane.
i am the pull that pushes you away.
i am a paradox.
an enigma.
an anomaly.
i am honestly a lie.
my truth speaks in tongues.
do you believe me?
i am a dream.
a hallucination.
a nightmare.
i succeed at failing.
but fail at everything.
i am all these things and so much less.
i do not exist.
:iconfailurecomplex:failurecomplex 4 7
Rennes le Chateau - Primer
Summary of the mystery at Rennes le Chateau
The Rennes le Chateau case has stumped researchers, occultists, archaeologists, theologists, geologists, and everyone else who has stumbled across it over the last hundred years. There is a huge body of information about this case; I am going to attempt to share all of the various religious and occult references that connect to the case.
-Location and History.
The story centers around a small village in France called Rennes le Chateau; most specifically, within and around a Catholic Church, originally constructed in 771 AD during the Saracen occupation. The town was originally occupied by the Celts, then the Romans, then was invaded by the Visigoths sometime in the early 400s. The Saracens took control in 725, then lost it to the Franks in 1062 when it was a capital city of more than 30,000 inhabitants.
300 years later, in 1362, it was attacked and destroyed by the count of Trastamarre after once more becoming an important trade city. What sh
:iconthe-darkmoogle:the-darkmoogle 2 4
The Tool Project Cold and Ugly by manya The Tool Project Cold and Ugly :iconmanya:manya 16 36 Forest in Poland by przekret Forest in Poland :iconprzekret:przekret 6 6 Trapped In Time by sumajarong Trapped In Time :iconsumajarong:sumajarong 24 38 We Bring by elmo-lester We Bring :iconelmo-lester:elmo-lester 2 9 In-tol-er-ance by sorormystica In-tol-er-ance :iconsorormystica:sorormystica 2 2 Opiate-Holy Hand by sorormystica Opiate-Holy Hand :iconsorormystica:sorormystica 0 5 Plague of Sorrow by nebu Plague of Sorrow :iconnebu:nebu 48 80 Hidden v1 by dasrai Hidden v1 :icondasrai:dasrai 1 1
Tell it to the sheep
simple words
for simple minds
shall I use few syllables
so that you can understand?
in your sublime ignorance you
have not only marked yourself
an idiot
but also wasted my time
in caring..
the voluminousity of your stupidity
is so vast
beyond my ample comprehension..
I fear that your reproduction
will only stand to weaken
the gene pool-
a frightening thought
a wise man once said
"short people got no reason.."
I beg to differ
"dumb people got no reason.."
none whatsoever..
they're reasoning ability was left at the gate
along with their intelligence.
so please take your
narrow minded
point of view
out of my presence…
..go tell it to the sheep..
perhaps they will understand.
:iconladynyk:ladynyk 10 34
FD calendar-week 11 by suzi9mm FD calendar-week 11 :iconsuzi9mm:suzi9mm 1,045 568



Green is now mine
United States
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Favourite genre of music: anything I feel...........loud
Favourite photographer: Me..(pfffst..ha ha ha)
Favourite style of art: The ones that attract my eye
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Personal Quote: It is infinite that all things are fatal
Curious thought....



Think about this day and age all things are supposed to be a mans world.....ladies are a significant 'passive' neccessity.  Unfortunate for those who believe this.

Now perhaps the old english was pronounced differently and yes more people couldn't spell well..and that is how our modern english is a resembelence of older 'proper' english.

~stick with me..this is my brainstorm in action~

Things that are of a major importance in our culture is considered HIStory..especially regarding economical, industrial, scientific and government..{the controlling}

Now things that are considered myths, strange, quizzical, unexplainable, etheral, etc.... are considered a  MYStery...{the uncontrollable}




Do you see it now???????????


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happypuffer Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2007
When you finally get your lazy ass back online you can read this.

Muah! Much love to ya.

Ya freak.
SpecialOne Featured By Owner May 26, 2006  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Snott....your fucked up. Just thought I'd share that bit of information.

BTW...I ran across this and instantly thought of you. Yea, it's retarded stupid but I know you'll understand!

I can always count on you sis! *sniff*

annat Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2006
thank you for your kind words
it's always nice to hear from you ;)
hot hugs!!
cloudless Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2005
Happy new Christmas and a grand new year! :P (joke´s on me)

Always and forever :)
SpecialOne Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2005  Hobbyist General Artist
Love you babe. Happy Thanksgiving. =)
Alexndria Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2005
Thanks for the fave on Stacked! Have a nice day too ;p
ThaCaptain Featured By Owner Sep 8, 2005
Hey, if you're going to pose like that expect me to use the photographs as I see fit. Would you rather I have used you in some other way?

Remind me to tell you about Darth Tim's crossdressing habits sometime.
Falco-JIS Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2005
Patrick-J-Reynolds Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2005
my buddy paul was watching you

:| peace
cube60659 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2005
Favourite movie: Pi:Cube:TheWall:DonnieDarko:Fear&Loathing:NightBreed

yeah your not kick ass at all cube that is where my name cube60659 originated from the wall look at soom of my deviantions thay have a relation donnie darko hell yeah fear anlothing never seen nightbreed never herd of it but hay you are with in 100 km of me so we should hang out some time:)message me back so wee can talk just send a note:)
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