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High Speed Balloon Ripping

Camera: Fuji FinePix S602z
Date: 15th February 2006
Location: PhotoSoc Darkroom, Union North, Campus
Shutter: 2s in the dark, flash was less than 1/10,000s
Aperture: F/2.8
ISO: 400
Comments: This was so much fun! A microswitch connected to a flash is attached to the top of the balloon, the lights are turned off and shutter released. Then I stab the balloon with a pin on the end of a boom, the flash goes off and water goes everywhere!!
Post-processing: Removed a bit of the high ISO noise and increased contrast
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i wanna do this!
is this good?
ISO 80
(my camera's limit)
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I think you'd be much better off using a long exposure in the dark, and triggering a flash to capture the event :)

Good luck & Happy shooting!
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cool, i wana try this now :D
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super cool ... liked it !
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The switch was sellotaped down against the balloon skin, so when the balloon popped, the pressure released and the switch opened.
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How was the switch activated?
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this photo has been featured in a news article: [link]
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That's SOOO smart of you, wow I love it.
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