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I just have to humbly admit that I don't feel satisfied in my curating abilities for this theme. There is no doing justice to the number of great work that could fit in this category. The artists I featured really have many exceptional work, so please take time to explore the galleries of the works you like.I'm definitely going to have to do this theme again, I think I blew a fuse just trying to narrow it down less then 20, so I just stopped trying and there are like 39 featured works.

Lotus by lost-exile
Lovely Day by Joe-Maccer
Landscape with grabbing branches by janhein
raising monuments by dopaminart
abstract bws 6 by SiradLah
Artifical Feeling by darkarchmage
Deposition by Ejimac
COLOR1 by pixe1
orportet una by atleastwedream
Stepfather by hicky2
Indiscipline by silesti

Juxtapose - 4 by Raekre
React by d4m
deterrents by tomasbrechler
Slottet by moodSwing08
Giving a little hand to monsta by dchan
To.Pursue.Imagination by archanN
enteric consciousness by the-infinite-opi

January 2012 by alphamin
roboticomplex0001 by CrankBot
Ab12 Black Eye by Xantipa2
After Life ( wip ) by Captain-BlackHeart
sliced up by mohd90
Dress by LindseyWArt
No, No, No by Hoxau
Untitled Pink Abstract by CarstenDesign
digressional excursus by dajono
___2D by sinix
The Race by feerikart

Brain hurts....Next theme is going to be collage.
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Thank you for feat. :)
robwahl's avatar
Great collection....Thanks very much:D
Inficia's avatar
I'm glad you liked the collection! :woohoo: And thank you for your riveting abstract work!
SiradLah's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature - I really appreciate it :airborne:
Inficia's avatar
Thanks for checking out my feature! And making great artwork! :squee:
Captain-BlackHeart's avatar
I am more than honored. Thank you!
Inficia's avatar
You have really interesting work! It was an honor to feature you in my journal :typerhappy:
Joe-Maccer's avatar
A great collection. :wow:
Thanks for including my piece. :bow::rose:
Inficia's avatar
You're welcome! And thank you for my first point donation! :la:
Joe-Maccer's avatar
tomasbrechler's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature :peace:
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CarstenDesign's avatar
Thank you for the feature :) feels great to see this list and recognize that I am not the only one who likes sitting down and jamming out some exciting abstract works.
Inficia's avatar
I'm glad you enjoyed the feature, and your work is a great piece so I was happy to feature it :D
Hoxau's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature! ^^
Inficia's avatar
No problem ^_^ Thank you for making great art :la:
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