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Figure Drawing 2

By infernovball
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Traditional Figure drawing in pastel
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© 2003 - 2020 infernovball
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love the background. great use of outline too
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amazing figure study great work much better than any of my stuff lol
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fastastiv work!
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This is terrific, I have so much trouble with hands and feet. Even with all the practice i pour into my studies I still have trouble with them. I am always envious of people that can draw them :(
Great job though
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to avoid anything you might wanna mature filter that, i got right past :P
Not saying its bad by any means though, its wonderful.
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this looks awesome. I'm currently going through the search to look up figure drawing references and found this pice.^_^ A sloid picture altogether, really.
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very good work..
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you draw pretty good aswell;)
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lovely tones... excellent work overall
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It looks fantastic - gorgeous skintones. I especially like the feet, because well... feet are evil to draw. :D Great work!
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That's a great fig. drawing man! They only give us 30 mins tops in my figure drawing classes =(
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holy sh** thats good :eyepopping: how long did it take???
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my figure drawings take about 2 1/2 hours of actual drawing time.
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she's quite angular, with a number of sharp edges.. i wonder if that's reflecting her personality or if it's just the way you drew her. she seems anxious/defensive, or something.. (am i looking at this too deeply? *shrug* ).
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wowo I love figure drawing and I thing this is really great. how long was his figure study
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You're good. Really good.
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really really nice.. you have great contrasts. i like all your figure drawings.
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amazing job with the detail and the skin tones.
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odd how the female got the favorites and the man didn't. Hmmmm.

Great drawing though, I won't contest that. Superb, really. Time spent?
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Great pastel work. Great shading. The only thing I don`t like is the hair which seems to flow a little strange down the back of her neck.
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very good work Nod
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