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I'm bored as hell and looking for some new people to Roleplay with. I'm fine with any style/format. All I ask is some actual effort, for me to give a good response I need a good reply in return. I'm fine with most topics: Fnaf, Undertale, Sonic, etc is just some of those popular topics these days. If your interested, send me a note. I roleplay on Discord mostly but can do it over Notes.
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So I made a Tumblr for questions and all that jazz. It still needs some tuning but Its ready for questions.
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So E3 happened a few days ago and lemme tell ya: Nintendo dominated. Not only did we get a lot of announcements but we got two new Metroid games commin and a remake for Superstar Saga. Nintendo really pulled through and I've never been more hyped for a Nintendo game in my life. Let's hope they don't fuck this up.
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