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X the Unkown by Inferno111 X the Unkown by Inferno111
X is a hedgehog from a different Dimension that has wound up in Daniel's world. He comes from a race of highly intelligent Hedgehogs whose technological prowess has led them into a age of nearly unlimited resources, power and peace. X is a very calculating and curious alien, having spent his whole life around advanced technology, his reaction to modern day tech is rather.....disappointing. He calls the modern age 'outdated' and 'prehistoric'. He claims that his race have built machines able to travel the space-time continuum, saying that one of those very machines had brought him here. The symbol on his forehead is the mark of his people, saying that all of his kind have similar marks albeit different shapes and patterns. X's prominent ability is his Technokinesis and Technomancy. He can alter, configure, rewrite, and control nearly any piece of technology with his mind, but tech with harder security is troubling to him. X's real name cannot even be nearly pronounced in this dimension, when attempting to recite it, others claim to just hear 'white noise'. To make it simple, he chose X.

A old character for a old friend.
Skyrimgamer17 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
Like an Ai in a body 
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