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Thanian by Inferno111 Thanian by Inferno111
The polar opposite to the Chaos mask, Primis, Thanian is the mask of Order. Being composed of mostly positive energy, he has a less dangerous effect on his surroundings. In the days of old he would follow around his insane brother and make sure he doesn't bring the end of all life. Until he and Primis were locked away to protect the world around them, Even if he is order he is far to strict and Judgemental for others. Still locked in his crypt and watching through his brothers eyes, he waits for someone to find him.  Hoping to reseal his brother and bring forth the final judgement on all that wander the world, But till then he waits and watches his brother roam the world......constantly judging.

When worn he grants the user total balance in mental stability, spiritual balance and physical balance. Wearing him will also restore chaos energy to the user but he won't be worn just by anyone, he has strict standards and refuse to work with anyone but his brother.

A character for my friend, Dead
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February 23
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