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TOSOTR: Sol (Uncloaked) by Inferno111 TOSOTR: Sol (Uncloaked) by Inferno111
Underneath that Orange cloak is this 20 year old gecko named Sol. Born into a poor family, his mother and father passed away due to a sickness and only Sol and his younger Sister, Salo, remained. Sol turned to Mercenary work to support him and his sister, but Salo was very smart and began working with the Llnuvian to create weapons. But one day, the Prau DeVince did a illegal warrant search into Sol's home. Sol only watched as he was pinned down to see his sister beaten, raped, then killed. Sol held his dead sister in his arms as he cried, But Salo left something behind for him. A custom Katana for him. Sol disappeared from existence, Soon a Orange cloaked figure emerged and began wiping out the Prau DeVince Squads. Sol is a tall built gray Gecko with red markings, orange hair, and green eyes. Being a Gecko, This allows Sol to scale buildings with ease and giving him amazing agility and speed. Despite being a Gecko, Sol doesn't have a tail. This is because he cuts it off himself. He believes it impedes his movement and is a liability. Sol was also subjected to Genetic Experiments, making him stronger, faster, and more resilient then a normal person. Sol is a expert in sword-play and strategy. Using different techniques to win over his opponents. He's absolute hate for the corrupted Police Force, the Prau De Vince, Makes him a deadly threat to the Commanders rule. He was apart of the Solarii gangsters but left due to there beliefs and later joined as a secret member of the Rebels. Sol fights for what he believes in and those around him. Making some friends along the way, Sol is a force to be reckoned with.

Sol belongs to Me

TOSOTR Belongs to :iconsharperofthefew:
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August 7, 2015
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