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TOSOTR: Sol by Inferno111 TOSOTR: Sol by Inferno111
Not long after the spread of Golems, the rise of the tyrant Commander, and crumbling walls of Arbitorae.....Entire units of The Commander's Prau DeVince began to vanish and reports of a brightly colored figure running on the rooftops were being sent in. That was the beginning of Sol. A figure shrouded in mystery, No one knows who or what Sol is, But he is known throughout the city and outside as 'The Sunfury'. According to Commoner reports, Sol is a tall, Well-built figure in a orange cloak with a red scarf. He is seen usually in the day time and if they can even catch a glimpse, murdering the Commanders Forces with no mercy. Rumors began to spread through Arbitorae, Saying he is a Spy from the outside, others say hes not even of this world. Some say he has taken down Giants, and even faced the Commander himself. So many rumors spread of him as he continued to take down the corrupted Government. Not even there best Soldiers can stop Sol, And once he is done with his opponent, he has been seen to lite them ablaze with a match before vanishing, the reason for that is still a mystery. Sol's arsenal consists of his trusty Katana, several throwing knifes, Smoke Bombs and EMP's. Sol's Katana is made of a metal from the Rift combined with Sodium to give it a Elemental property of fire, any unfortunate soul to feel the blade against there skin will be burned badly. The Scabbard is made of a light yet strong metal for quick melee strikes.  He is extremely fast and agile plus a bit of a free-runner, Sol is also highly perceptive. He can be spotted scaling and running across rooftops and buildings. The Prau DeVince point to the Rebels that Sol is allied with them, but the Rebels deny it. Then they say he is apart of the Solarii Gangsters, but they deny it to. But they lied, Sol is a member of the Solarii Gangsters, but they had to lie to keep his actions from anymore attention to them. He doesn't believe in what the Solarii do, Drugs and mindless Murder. He looks at the Rebel's with admiration. Sol's name strikes fear into the Commanders toughest soldiers, they have even beaten people for mentioning his name in fear that Sol would come for them, like a curse. The Commander was so desperate for him to be eliminated he had placed a bounty of Sol. Even after 20 Years, Sol is still present in the ruined city, cutting down the Commander's forces with ease, but what is his true motive?

Sol belongs to Me

The Other Side of The Rift Story belongs to :iconsharperofthefew:
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I hid all Critic comments so I dont have other crititcs adding in where they are not needed
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July 16, 2015
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