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Shadow Queen by Inferno111 Shadow Queen by Inferno111
Upon playing Thousand Year Door again and getting to the Final Boss. When looking at the Shadow Queen, I instantly thought 'What if she was a Stand?'. Welp, this is the product of that thought. NOW FOR THE INFO!


Shadow Queen is a Semi Humanoid Stand with a more astral appearance then others. It has a large, yellow crown on top of its head that would cover it's eyes, but no eyes seem to be present. The crown has four red jewels embedded on each side. Coming out of the crown is several, ribbon-like strands of hair that float as if they were underwater with a light purple hue. The body is very feminine, having a large bust and slim waist. It's arms are rather large, having three sharp-ended claws with a thumb. The waist down is more noodle-like that has no legs or feet, rather a single 'stem' that comes out of Daniel's shadow. The body is somewhat solid but ghost-like with a dark purple.


Shadow Queen is a sentient stand, referring Daniel as 'Dear' or 'Darling' with a regal and polite voice, sounding like a actual Queen. Its voice is very light and sweet, with a hint of echo as if it was astral. It has a caring and considerate nature to Daniel at all times, often giving him advice and aid in his life. Her tone is sometimes flirty and somewhat narcissistic to opponents, usually scaring others into submission. Shadow Queen is extremely protective of Daniel, covering him in a barrier made out of her arms that wrap around him, it even will protect Daniel from danger he is not currently/immediately aware of like a sniper shot or a invisible foe. Even tho she can think for herself, she usually goes along what with Daniel plans or wants. But will debate or argue with him from time to time. She prefers to be called a women and called 'Reina' by Daniel.


Shadow Queen is a long to short range Stand. She is usually just a few inches behind Daniel at all times, despite where his Shadow would be at certain times of the day. Her strength is above average of a humans but her true strength is in her seemingless unlimited power and control of dark magic.

Dark Pulse: Shadow Queen can emit a high energy, dark blast from her hands that once hit, fills the target with negative energy. Hurting them or weakling them.

Shadow Barrage: Shadow Queen's arms rush at incredibly speeds with claws open for quick and deep strikes.

Ribbon Bind: Shadow Queen extends both her arms and her hair to great distances to either snare opponents or grapple/grab onto objects.

Mind Freak: Shadow Queen sends a telegraphic signal to a targets brain that instantly causes paranoia, mild insanity, and hallucinations. The target will begin to panic as their deepest fear would become reality, after thirty minutes, the effects will subside with no negative effects afterward and will completely forget that anything had happened. During these thirty minutes, the subject is at the complete control of Shadow Queen.

Life Drain: Shadow Queen extends her arms towards a subject and injects her fingers into them, draining their life force and replenishing her own and to that extension, Daniel's.

Shadow Overdrive: Shadow Queen infuses Dark power into Daniel, powering him and her up for a short time.

Shadow Merge:  Shadow Queen wraps herself around Daniel and can merge within natural shadows, becoming invulnerable to attacks and able to sneak around nearly undetected. Shadow Queen can only merge with shadows that are natural and connected to something, and cannot merge with someone else's shadow besides Daniel's.

Ribbon Barrier: Shadow Queen wraps her ribbon-like hair and arms around Daniel to protect him from harm, be it melee or projectiles.

Nightmare Hold: Daniel's shadow extends towards the target's shadow and connects them, from their shadow emerges one of Shadow Queens hands and drags them into their own shadow. Upon entering, the target is barrages with attacks from all angles before being flung out.

Queen's Requiem: Shadow Queen fuses with Daniel to make Shadow Daniel, effectively become one and even more powerful. This can only be used for a short time before Shadow Queen will have to separate from Daniel before the Dark Power over takes him.

*Note: This was made purely for fun and does not follow ALL the guidelines of Stands in Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, so don't go bitching in the comments*
Epic-Hound Featured By Owner May 29, 2017  Student Digital Artist
The ass kicking has indeed commenced.
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