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Primis by Inferno111 Primis by Inferno111
A fickle and bizarre mask that says it is as old as the world itself. In his words 'in the beginning there was no good nor evil, only the ever mad chaos and end it will all be chaos once again'. The mask seems almost at moments wise but other times it is a raving and ranting spirit of madness. At times it can assume a form and interact with the world but anything else can not interact with it, Being mainly composed of chaos energy, primarily Negative . But being made of Chaos Energy, it is still susceptible to Chaos Powers. Primis claims to know the origins of the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald, but won't reveal much information. He says their is a another mask, a brother. One who is more towards Order then Chaos. The small rift below his torso is believed to be connected to the Void of Chaos.

Among the many ruins Daniel could of wandered into, he sadly found Primis crypt and unearthed the mask. When lifting the mask Daniel felt its over whelming energy. Seeing the potential of a artifact that could possibly power cities for generations he took the mask with him, what a mistake that was. As soon as Daniel made it home he notice the mask began to glow with a green light overloading and short-circuiting everything in his home, The mad spirit with in the mask had awoken. By restrictions set upon him by the gods, Primis must never harm the innocent and protect their Bearer to the end. His brother follows the same restriction.

When a host dawns this mask, Primis fuse's with their mind allowing them to see his past's hosts memories and his own, albeit jumbled and misconstrued. Another ability is unparalleled control over Chaos Energy, but the user is constantly being drained till the point he takes over the user's body.

A character for my friend, Dead
Skyrimgamer17 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
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