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Ab Initio by Inferno111 Ab Initio by Inferno111
When Primis and Thanian fuse together to avert certain destruction, Ab Initio is born. He is the Dormant personality within the Mask of Genesis, To his allies he seems almost calm but Foreboding, Wise but confusing. To his enemies he is a terrifying force of power his thundering voice booming, speaking in a old tongue, long forgotten. Leading everyone to confusion, is he here to help? To bring great harm to all? It is unknown to all. Very few have lived to tell the awesome power that Ab Initio wields, many claim he can shift entire reality's while others say he can alter the fabric of the universe itself to his whim.

Wearing the Mask of Genesis is a last resort, For dawning the mask means you agree to forfeit your body and soul to the spirit within the mask. You would be boosted to a god like state of being and given complete control of the power of chaos. Nothing is impossible within this state, well except returning to normal. The last soul to dawn Ab Initio was a unknown Echidna who has been long forgotten.

A character for my friend, Dead
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