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kain is deified

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here is depicted the moment and reactions when kain says someone will betray him..

edit: have you found little ariel at the pillars in the back??

note: kain, raziel and soul reaver belong to chrystal dynamics & eidos
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PaThOsVeRd3sHobbyist Artist
Man, this is some of the sickest fan art I've seen when it comes to these characters before the events of Soul Reaver. So much attention to detail. All the characters are drawn so accurately to their actual models. Great work.
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It took me a while to realize you drew the pillars of nosgoth in the background
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This is one of the most spectacular images I've ever seen. I really like the similarities with the last supper.
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OMG I love this.
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FPIaztec1995Hobbyist Digital Artist
the last dinner
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Lets see if I can guess right who is who.
From left to right: Zephon, Dumah, Raziel, Kain, Turel, Rahab, Melchiah.
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Just great! :D
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theShadowGroveHobbyist General Artist
pr everyone betraying him if you chose the vampires from blood omen 2
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legacy of kain the last supper 
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Vivern-of-Nosgoth General Artist
Such awesome art
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Can you buy this artwork anywhere??
AskTheGreySkull's avatar
Like Jesus.
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Very, very cool!
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Absolutely beautiful. Kain is my all time favorite character out of everything (books, movies, games, RL)
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gothrockangelHobbyist Traditional Artist
Raziel, "Shit! He knows..." 
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TriniDarkieGirl4EVAHobbyist General Artist
Raziel's face is just like an exam... hard
amazing pic duuude
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venom9999Hobbyist General Artist
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thats-a-morayHobbyist Writer
Rahab is like "Can you fuckin' believe this shit?"
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While Melchiah doesn't seem care too much about that all.
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portuguesedevilHobbyist General Artist
Rahab needs to get his out of Turel's face XD
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Sgt-SaharaHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks awesome ;)
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charm585Student General Artist
last supper o. o
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