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TPPE Ep 3 Thumbnail by InfernapeMaster64 TPPE Ep 3 Thumbnail :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 1 0 TPPE Ep 2 Thumbnail by InfernapeMaster64 TPPE Ep 2 Thumbnail :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 1 0 TPPE Ep 1 Thumbnail by InfernapeMaster64 TPPE Ep 1 Thumbnail :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 1 0 Post Paradise Video Thumbnail by InfernapeMaster64 Post Paradise Video Thumbnail :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 1 0 TPP Episode 15 Thumbnail by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Episode 15 Thumbnail :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 3 0 TPP Character Picture - Cacturne by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Character Picture - Cacturne :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 0 0 TPP Episode 14 Thumbnail by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Episode 14 Thumbnail :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 3 0 TPP Ep 13 Speak Peek #4 by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Ep 13 Speak Peek #4 :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 0 0 TPP Ep 13 Speak Peek #3 by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Ep 13 Speak Peek #3 :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 0 0 TPP Ep 13 Speak Peek #2 by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Ep 13 Speak Peek #2 :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 0 0 TPP Ep 13 Speak Peek #1 by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Ep 13 Speak Peek #1 :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 0 0 TPP Episode 13 Thumbnail by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Episode 13 Thumbnail :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 0 0 TPP Ep 12 Sneak Peek 3 by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Ep 12 Sneak Peek 3 :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 1 1 TPP Ep 12 Sneak Peek 2 by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Ep 12 Sneak Peek 2 :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 2 0 TPP Ep 12 Sneak Peek 1 by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Ep 12 Sneak Peek 1 :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 2 0 TPP Episode 12 Thumbnail by InfernapeMaster64 TPP Episode 12 Thumbnail :iconinfernapemaster64:InfernapeMaster64 1 0


Wolf O'Donnel by CaeusDoom Wolf O'Donnel :iconcaeusdoom:CaeusDoom 14 0 Phoenix Wright Court Sprites by CaeusDoom Phoenix Wright Court Sprites :iconcaeusdoom:CaeusDoom 7 4 Gorochu Commission by ReallyDarkandWindie Gorochu Commission :iconreallydarkandwindie:ReallyDarkandWindie 106 11 Total Pokemon Island: Episode 4 Thumbnail by bayocakes98 Total Pokemon Island: Episode 4 Thumbnail :iconbayocakes98:bayocakes98 2 1 Cheerleadering Group by Pachigirl1 Cheerleadering Group :iconpachigirl1:Pachigirl1 5 0 Soon... by 2319mi Soon... :icon2319mi:2319mi 2 2 New Title Card by 2319mi New Title Card :icon2319mi:2319mi 6 0 same place, different times by ArcaneSylph same place, different times :iconarcanesylph:ArcaneSylph 48 3 138.Boilake by ReallyDarkandWindie 138.Boilake :iconreallydarkandwindie:ReallyDarkandWindie 41 1 136.Ashered by ReallyDarkandWindie 136.Ashered :iconreallydarkandwindie:ReallyDarkandWindie 40 0 Pokemon Generation I Sprites by xm0c Pokemon Generation I Sprites :iconxm0c:xm0c 6 3 Shirtless Kylo Ren Sprite by ZutzuCrobat55 Shirtless Kylo Ren Sprite :iconzutzucrobat55:ZutzuCrobat55 3 7 Chibis Group Picture by Pachigirl1 Chibis Group Picture :iconpachigirl1:Pachigirl1 13 8
Blocked on Fandom/Wiki Forever|No more Pokedex
Well, title says it all. Apparently, some jackass at FANDOM decided to block me forever because I posted this:  in a POKETUBER WIKIA. Yes, I got blocked forever and am no longer allowed to edit or comment on ANYTHING related to wikia, including my own, BECAUSE I POSTED FANART FOR A POKETUBER. 
So, essentially, this means that I am no longer going to be able to provide the information for any of my Fakemon or have fun like I usually do when working on my 'Dex, meaning that I will likely not be posting here as often anymore, because I refuse to go back to the old way I provided the information for them. 
I've tried contacting the people who did the block, but because I am BLOCKED MYSELF, I cannot message them or anything, which is stupid. So, if any of you could, can you go to this website: and try to get them to lift the block on "Dark Arcanine 33" (my na
:iconreallydarkandwindie:ReallyDarkandWindie 5 25
Will's Full Body Visual Novel Poses by Pachigirl1 Will's Full Body Visual Novel Poses :iconpachigirl1:Pachigirl1 6 1
TPI Beef Ideas
So.... I didn't expect TPI beef to be as successful as it was! It seems that you guys really enjoyed it, and who would I be to not give you more? While I have a few ideas of my own, I'm curious to what notorious or underrated tropes you all want me to tackle in the future. So, in the comments here, or on the first episode, post some suggestions of annoying or overlooked tropes that you think I should cover in this show.
*Note that I can refuse requests if they are something I don't have a strong opinion on. I don't want to just cover something because "X requested this video, let me talk about something I'm kind of neutral on."*
So here's some ideas I've been bouncing around, and one request I have gotten lately, both good and bad.
Jury Votes (Suggested by AceJirachi)
Having many starters in a cast
Love triangles
Forced Romance
Lack of challenge time
Villains: The good, the bad, the ugly
Early Boots
*insert pokemon archetype here*
:iconbayocakes98:bayocakes98 2 2


TPPE Ep 3 Thumbnail
FInally finished recording this so... I can upload this now. SO... Here ya go XD
TPPE Ep 2 Thumbnail
Alright so I just finished recording this episode so now I can post this and let the predictions flow! Episode coming soon.
Post Paradise Video Thumbnail
Just recorded a video where I ramble about my time with Total Pokemon Paradise and some future stuff as well. It will air this week or next week... Wait... What's that behind the logo?
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Hello everyone. I want to give a quick update on Total Pokemon Paradise that you should likely be aware of going forward. First off is, episode 13 won't be up in late October like I want to because my brother broke the headset I use to record and has buy a new one because my dad and I are forcing him to. So once I get that I finishing the last scene of Episode 13 recording wise (Yeah... I had 1 scene left to record when my brother broke the mic... You can imagine how mad I was now) and just edit and junk to give you the 3rd to last episode of the show.

Now in brighter news, yesterday while I couldn't record, I finished the PowerPoint for the Finale of the show and offically have a winner to the show. Meaning Episode 14 and 15 can get into the recording groove soon after 13. Hell I might record them during the editing process. But... But But but. All 3 episodes do have VAs. I should be expecting the lines for episode 13 later today from :iconbluestarespeon: and I'll should be giving her lines for episode 14 later today since I have the time. Episode 15 has 3 VAs. 2 of them are confirmed (No I'm not revealing them at this time) and the last slot is 90% confirmed but for all I know I might change my mind (not likely). And with the episode done animating I can make the lines and send them to the people so I have them ready when recording.

So yeah... That should be all of the update. After Paradise finishes, I'm thinking of making some post production videos to give my thoughts on everything but we'll cross that bridge when I get there. For now... Laterz.



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I'm InfernapeMaster64, Formally Chimcharman123. I have evolved overtime. I'm still the same guys who loves TPIs and have one of my own on my former life.

I've created a new TPI series call Total Pokemon Paradise

Otherwise, Welcome. I hope that whatever is up here is something that you like.

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