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Gods battle for the fate of a couple of mortals.
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Hello! First off, let me say I love your style and your work on ancient themes and armors. This one is something different but I absolutely love the composition, which is very telling. Among other things, I am studying the ancient epics and we are preparing a workshop and reading club for the Odyssey, so I was wondering if I could use this picture (with proper crediting and linking of course) to accompany the announcement. Take care and keep on!
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Thank you very much for the kind words, I'm glad you like the piece. You are absolutely welcome to use my art in your workshop, though in truth it was more 'inspired by' the Odyssey than a direct adaptation of one of the scenes. Regardless, thank you for contacting me and good luck with your studies.
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Thank you very very much, both for your wishes and for accepting my request. I'd love to see more pieces in this style. Near as I can tell, the only other that comes close is the one of 1001 Nights. Forge on!
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This is epic. I love Greek Mythology. I'm assuming the battle is for Odysseus and his crew, but I could be wrong. Still though, completely awesome!
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amazing linework. I love looking at what you do. :)
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Wow. I just can't get over the detail on those tentacles!
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Seriously, that's bad-ass.
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Greek mythology IS badass haha.
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Poseidon and Athena, am I right? And Poseidon owns the Kraken within this pic, presumably.
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technically not the kraken, its charybdis,
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The picture is 'loosely inspired' by Homer's Odyssey, so be it Kraken or Charybdis, those sailors are in for some trouble haha.
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Scyla or charybdis? I unno i forget now. Thought the kracken was only in the movie version of the perseus myth, meh the drawing is kick ass either way so
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Yes on all three accounts.
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WOW. This looks really really awesome, I think I'm in love with it. Wow. I wish I could see it bigger though, to see all the details.
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Glad you like it. I'm still trying to fiddling with the sizes so it isn't too big.
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