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CE - Kaleena's Dragon


Here we go~!! another Contest entry~!!!

Gee, 2 entries in 2 days - I'm on fire!!!! :onfire:


This is for :iconkaleena01:'s contest to help her make a dragonsona/dragon OC ^^

Hope ya like it~!! All green parts glow in the dark :meow:


Character (dragon) (c) :iconkaleena01: if she chooses to take it, otherwise this girl will be up for adoption :la:
Design and art (c) :icondarkdragonwulf:

*Edit: The random wolf has been adopted by my friend :iconokaminan-speek: and is copyrighted to him

I don't think copyrighted is even a word butwhaterver >w>
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This looks amazing! 833
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Wow, nice job! Way to go with the creativity.
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This is amazing, Eva!!!!! You just keep getting better and better!!! :D What an amazing concept!!! I especially love the crystal horns and those wings!! :la:
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Thankyou Neo~!!!!!! :iconnewlaplz: Hehe the horns I just had to make like that - i loved the idea ^.=.^ And I saw another deiviant did wings like that similar one day and i thought "I have to try that sometime" coz i loved them, so i altered it a bit and yeah~! :iconnewla2plz:
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Well she looks awesometastic!!! I'd be seriously surprised if this doesn't win. :iconnewla2plz:
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Hehe thankies but idunno X3 I'll have to see what it is she's after~ :icondragonlaplz:
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I'd choose it if I were her!
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