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Seeking Character Artist(Closed)
Hey, so I've decided to finally get art for my upcoming game. I'm not in a big hurry but I'd like someone who can do the main sprites with decent speed. The reason to this is because I work best with  visuals when I write on word document. (Yes I know this is weird. Forgive me =()
You will have a choice to play as either Felix or Tahira. Not only will you be playing through their stories but you will also get the chance to see the stories of the romance options. Each story will, hopefully, have twists and turns. Nothing is as it seems and not all positive choices will lead you down the correct path.
I'm not too sure if the game will have stat raising. It depends on if I can learn to code it or get someone who knows how to. As for romances only Tahira will be able to romance both genders. Felix can only romance the guys but that's fine since most of the romances are guys XD.
In truth I don't really know what I want when it comes to style  :( . I'm actually open fo
:iconinfella:Infella 2 9
Crisis Beat(Scourge the Hedgehog)
Plot-It was a sacred promise that he held dear to his heart. But now, five year later, Vex will learn that some promises are best forgotten.
        His eyes burned. He tried his best to not let himself look so weak, but Vex couldn't help it. His head was heavy, eyes hurting, and body shaking.
“Come on, don't cry,' a voice said gently.
Vex felt something warm wrap around his shoulders. It was a coat. “ did you find me?”
The green hedgehog sat down next to him and grinned. “Followed the crying,” he joked. Vex looked away from him, embarrassed. Did he really look that pathetic? “S-sorry, I didn't mean it.”
“It's okay. You're just trying to cheer me up. Thanks...”
Scourge tried to smile, but it was futile. “Vex, don't be like this. We shouldn't spend our last days together depressed.”
“Heh, that doesn't sound like you. Usually you'd rough me up a bit to get me to feel better.”
:iconinfella:Infella 3 2
Timeless(Sonic Fanfiction)
“It's a new invention,” Tahira said happily. “With this, I'll be able to transport back in time!”
I sighed. Usually when she made something like this it meant I'd have to save her life.
“Is this going to explode like the last machine?
Her eyes narrowed and she huffed. “Of course not Mana. I've tested it a couple of times, so things should be fine.”
I blink. She's tested this weird thing out?
“Y-you've time traveled?”
“Hehe, of course.” I get up from the chair and snatch the machine from her. “H-hey!”
“Tahira, listen to me very carefully, I'm not going to let you go through with this.”
Her eyes held a mix of confusion and anger. “Why?”
“Because time travel is dangerous. Trust me, I know.”
“Oh really? How would you?”
I twitched from her question as memories of what happened between dad and I came back into my mind.
Seriously, every time that idiot had some plan to
:iconinfella:Infella 3 2
Breaking Away
I see her by the windowsill, a girl with a face as pale as ash and cheeks as round as oranges
She stares deeply into the endless world of night, staring up at the starlit sky
Her mind seems to wonder, dreaming of a world filled with dragons and princes and adventure
But her world always comes crumbling down when she hears the angry voices of those she loves
Soon, she comes back to reality and realizes that such a world could never possibly exists for her
Still, she'd rather stay in her room and deal with the hate of her parents then go to the place she fears the most
The doors creak open and she freezes, fearful that today would be the day they finally nailed her mouth shut
Laughter quickly comes at her and she steps back, only to be pulled in by a string of darkness.
She falls to the ground and curls up into a ball with her ears covered.
The's too much
She can't understand why they hate her so. Was she a bad girl? Did she do something wrong?
Sometimes she yells for help,
:iconinfella:Infella 5 3
This world is so dark
Everyday is like a endless spiral of loneliness
And yet I still cling to life, hoping that someone will break these shackles around my body
But that day won't come
Why? Because no one can see me, or hear me
I'm lost in a deep labyrinth which not even the sun can break through
Still I call out though, crying for someone to come to me
I don't care if they come to hate me or get disgusted by me, I just want to hear a single voice
My ears want to hear the sweet melody of laughter
My hears long to feel the love that has been forgotten
But slowly,  I'm breaking away into oblivion
The only memories I have are those words...words that do nothing but bring me down and make me hate myself
Dear I hate myself
They were right in what they said.
Sorrow is the only thing that seems to always stick with me
Happiness has been swallowed up, disappearing into the darkness
And yet I still try to reach out, praying that someone will help me make the pain go away
But thi
:iconinfella:Infella 6 1
Childhood Friend Contest Entry
      (This is a short story for Chris and Kay, who is her childhood friend. If you want to know more about Kay, look to the body. I've made a detailed description about her =).)
      The lunch lady handed me my order of two fries, chips, an apple, and a sprite. She smiled warmly at me and I her. It was nice to see such a warm face since I rarely saw one at school that didn't have evil intentions behind it.
After gathering up my food, I head to the cafeteria.
The place was filled with so much commotion and laughter that one would think that it was paradise. But trust me, it's not. Far from it actually.
I looked around for a place to sit. Most of the places that had a free spot were near people I that I was afraid to be around. Luckily though, I found a spot at the edge of a table that had no one at it.
I sat down and looked at my lunch. Seeing it made me feel disgusted yet hungry at the same time. Why did I always order the same thing? Maybe because it wa
:iconinfella:Infella 4 0
Black Lotus Logo- By sasquatchii by Infella Black Lotus Logo- By sasquatchii :iconinfella:Infella 2 1 Black Lotus-Yasu- Art by darkmystery97clc by Infella Black Lotus-Yasu- Art by darkmystery97clc :iconinfella:Infella 3 1
Character Artist needed for Beyond the Tides
Hi, I'm looking for a sprite artist for my fantasy game. Though the title seems kind of fluffy, the game is more of a thriller and horror, though the main elements are mystery and romance. It's a medium length game at the moment and the plans for it are to be between 50,000 and 70,000. I plan to have Yasu as a girl as well, though this might change if the artist I get doesn't want that. Like I said, the game is a bit of a thriller and does have mature themes. No gore though, but will have some mature love scenes. Also, I'm a student, so I can't pay, but can offer writing, coding, and maybe some editing :) . This game is also a collaboration, and iI think of those I work with as partners
Why I'm doing this?
Because I love making Visual Novels and working with others. For years I've enjoyed playing them and really want to see one of mine come to life. I also do it because I enjoy sharing stories with people and hear what improvement i need to do. Even if it's something that prov
:iconinfella:Infella 1 11
Beyond Despair(Sonadow,Shadilver,ShadowXAmy)
       (Please read below for more info.)
Shadow looked outside to the dreary rain.  
It's powerful sounds hit the roof hard like it was trying to break into the house and wash him away.
The more he looked at it though, the more he began to feel dead inside.
Shadow recalled how he always hated the rain, saying it only brought sadness to the people who watched it. Of course back then, Shadow didn't take account to Sonic's words and just saw rain as something that replenished the earth.
Now though, he was finally realizing what his double meant.
The door opened and in walked Silver, holding a plate of food and medicine. He smiled faintly as he made his way to Shadow, trying not to cause too much noise.
“I brought your food,” he said sweetly. “And the medicine. Tails said it's a bigger dose for your arm.”
Shadow turned to him, eyes as blank as the mist outside. “Thank you....”
Silver's smile disappeared from Shadow's answer. The
:iconinfella:Infella 18 10
Sonic Contest-Point Giveaway
So, I've decided to make a contest. Been meaning to do this for a while, and thought it would be cool to have one. I can't draw, but find this a way to support art and and stories. Also, this is my first time, so I might make a few mistakes in this entry.
Must be one of these couples. Can be a picture,short comic strip, meme, or fanfiction
It can be mature as well, but no super explicit stuff.
Note-These were all random in a way. My sister picked them out. If one isn't listed, please don't think it's because I don't like them. They were at random
The winners will get:
First Place Winner-350
Second Place-250
Third Place-180
Fourth Place-150
Contest starts today and will end October 8.
Entries will end on Monday of next week.
Hoping to get some entries and am excited to see what you all come up with =)
PS-I might give anyone who entered 50 points. But it depends on if I have enough. So even if you don't with th
:iconinfella:Infella 8 72
Mature content
A Bloody Mess-Chapter 3(Sonadow) :iconinfella:Infella 17 26
A Bloody Mess-Chapter 2(Sonadow,Sonilver,Mephadow)
Plot-A love square between Sonic,Shadow, Silver, and Mephiles. Follow them as each must decide on who they love, and weather or not they will let jealousy take over their lives.
Mephiles's Pov
Pain. It's something you learn to adapt to. Though it may seem hard at first, you begin to find a way to handle anything that's thrown at you. I am a prime example of this. Ever since my creation, I've been feared or hated by mostly everyone, which gave me great practice in the art of being alone.
With all these years of subduing any suffering I had endured, I thought nothing could hurt me again. So why did it feel like I was breaking now? After all this time, it was the first that I've ever felt like my entire being was about to shatter.
He panted in the corner, holding his bleeding arm tightly. I just stood up, staring at him like he was nothing. If I wanted to, I could easily pierce the so called heart that Shadow was suppose to have. Yet I didn't. Why?
He didn't fight back, nor did he scream
:iconinfella:Infella 16 5
Mature content
A Bloody Mess-(Sonadow,Sonilver,Mephadow) :iconinfella:Infella 27 24
Forever Alone(Sonadow)
An-Feedback wanted. Thanks for the read
Blood drips from his wound
His back broken, bones shattered like glass
The pain so numb though, like it never was there to begin with
But, just across from him, lied another
One who was so pure, like he was an angel sent to bring happiness to those who knew nothing but despair.
His once brimful eyes were no more
Instead, they were as black as night, showing nothing but an emptiness void
The black hedgehog tried to reach for him, but his body couldn't move
He tried crying out his name, longing to see his smile again
His eyes began to burn when the one he wanted so much to hold wouldn't answer him
His voice could barely reach out, yet he still screamed to hear him just one last time
Though silent and dim, he heard a small whisper
He saw him, trying to reach for him as well
His hand shook however, barely able to keep up
"I love you," he said softly. "No matter what happens, I'll always love you."
How he wanted to saw the same words to him
How he lon
:iconinfella:Infella 20 11
Mature content
Passionate Night-(Part of the Love Series) :iconinfella:Infella 11 10


Motivational XD 
:iconbunnytricked:BunnyTricked 1 3
[COM]: terruchii by Bunni-Hime [COM]: terruchii :iconbunni-hime:Bunni-Hime 84 6 Fire Ball! by Lochris Fire Ball! :iconlochris:Lochris 9 0 [Commission] unnamed OC by Kauru00 [Commission] unnamed OC :iconkauru00:Kauru00 116 11 039 by panafal 039 :iconpanafal:panafal 335 22 First Year Hermione by Kuvshinov-Ilya First Year Hermione :iconkuvshinov-ilya:Kuvshinov-Ilya 29,040 1,255 B A B Y C O C K Commission by Kairui-chan B A B Y C O C K Commission :iconkairui-chan:Kairui-chan 8 2 CM: Lovers Embrace Page 1 by shadowhatesomochao CM: Lovers Embrace Page 1 :iconshadowhatesomochao:shadowhatesomochao 85 8 Wise quote 3 by zavraan Wise quote 3 :iconzavraan:zavraan 35 13 Shadilver - Learning astronomy together by rAndoMCitIzen12 Shadilver - Learning astronomy together :iconrandomcitizen12:rAndoMCitIzen12 85 44 Bath by ZonicSonic513 Bath :iconzonicsonic513:ZonicSonic513 84 16 Boring 4 - Missing Ukes by ZonicSonic513 Boring 4 - Missing Ukes :iconzonicsonic513:ZonicSonic513 121 158 Venilver Fanservice by UnknownSpy Venilver Fanservice :iconunknownspy:UnknownSpy 301 51 Lemme carry you by horouka Lemme carry you :iconhorouka:horouka 192 21 Spirited Away: Kohaku River by graced-for-art Spirited Away: Kohaku River :icongraced-for-art:graced-for-art 241 88


Now this is really funny picture. Gave me a good laugh. I really love Mana's reaction to being carried.. Poor Sonic though, he looks to...

Wow 0_0. Mephiles has quite the look in this picture. He's very sinister looking, which is good and you show it well. He may not have a...

Fist, welcome back and I'm glad you got your laptop fixed =). Anyway, this is an awesome picture for Halloween. Mana looks beautiful. Th...

Just going to say this now, I love her classes and hair. Not many Oc character wear classes, so it's really nice to see it. Like before...



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This has been one heck of a holiday, and not in a good way. Had a surgery that's making me feel like crap and I'm worried because I've been tired lately. Sister won't be coming home for the holiday, so I'm now stuck with my mom and uncle, who is a complete ass and has never given a damn about my sister or I. Oh and just found out my mom thinks I'm worthless. The games I'm doing also aren't going well either and I'm slowly learning that maybe I wasn't meant to know friendship.  So, I'm thinking very soon that I'm going to check myself into the hospital or something due to these thoughts I'm having. If only my sister was here then things wouldn't be this chaotic and painful for me.


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