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Tidal issues ...

that lucrative moon mining project didn't account for all possible outcomes ...
The recently shattered moon's gravitational pull is causing some stir in the oceans.

coverart concept, painted in photoshop
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Yea, TacoWrath hits the nail on the head here. This definitely reminds me of "The Time Machine" (2002), particularly of the scene where we see the moon after the overly effective deep excavation mining charge catastrophe scene. Only difference being, this is a few centuries after people fled underground. You see the once vibrant city is a part of a bleak devastated wasteland pelted by fragments of a shattered moon.

inetgrafx's avatar - loved that scene! thanks a lot for the comment!

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Reminds me of what happened to the Moon in the 2002 remake of "The Time Machine".

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yeah. there was an awesome scene in there! Cheers!