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Speedpaint: Jungle River

Hi there!

Yet another speedpainting. Since I was missing a jungle thingy in my portfolio, I decided to paint one.
I spend about 2 hours of digital painting in Photoshop.
At the end I overlayed some textures from to give it a bit more a grungy look ...

The videotutorial of it is located on my website in the download or tutorial section: [link]
I tested some stuff at the same time, so some approaches may look a bit chaotic at the first glance.
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This is gorgeous.  Do you take commissions?
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wonderful, especially considering the time you took with it. Big ups!!
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oh god thats amazing
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Many thanks for accepting the request for #NaturalParadises and congrats for this stunning view, the effects on the sleeping water are amazing !
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thanks a lot for your kind comment,
very much appreciated!
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You very welcome :D
Hey, I have a question, Can I use this pic at on of my book project? I'll give you full credits. Mail me:
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hey, can i use this as a background for a game im making for school?
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You speed painted this?! And it took just TWO hours?! AGH, it makes me sad because I could never do something THIS impressive, in THAT amount of time.
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Great painting!
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I love this one. If you are interested, I am looking for a fantasy artist for the novel I am working on. [link]
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Amazing. How did you learn to do this? o.o
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Only 2 hours? My God.
Very good :D
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hello there..i use this pic for the contest..

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hi there, can i used ur pic for the fotolia contest?..its so amazing...
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wow i love this. it looks so tranquil :D
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Speed. Paint? Oh my. God?
If i draw a painting like this one, it will take 200 hours.
Hey is it okay if I use this for my xat box background???
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May i use this picture? i will Make credit on the layout.
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Very well done for two hours! Actually quite reminiscent of a style of "old world" canvases I've seen. Kind of the sort of exotic print you'd see in a rich British home to remind the owner of his trip to the new world :)
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