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Speedpaint: Ambush

By inetgrafx
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Speedpainting practice done in Photoshop CS4 (2.5h).
I tried to keep it as loose as possible, so it feels more like a painting. I tried to stick most of the time only to one custom brush ...
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abigbatProfessional Digital Artist
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This is a very powerful piece. As usual you've done a fantastic job with the lighting; the subtle palette and restrained saturation project a palpable mood and sense of realism; you can really feel the scene. The thumbnail in particular reads extremely well; all of those textured brushstrokes coalesce into a highly detailed, almost photo-realistic image.

My only gripe is that I'm not convinced by the depth between the two groups of soldiers. It doesn't read particularly well, possibly as a result of the sketchy nature of the painting. I can't help but think that the two soldiers in the distance should be a little smaller, emphasizing the size of the rocks and the vantage point held by the foreground element.

A great painting overall. The blend of stylish, well executed techniques, interesting subject matter and intelligent application of light and colour combines to create an image which is both pleasing to the eye and demands your attention.
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Krol-Julian-PLHobbyist Digital Artist
Can I use it as a cover to my video?
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Thank you for adding your Speed:sprint:paint to :iconfantasyfans101:
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vongueProfessional Digital Artist
Can you tell please what brush do you use?
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FisHPastE89Professional Interface Designer
wooow nice style... such cool texture and i love the depth in this! :)
ADIGITALSM1LEYHobbyist Digital Artist
"If your attack is going too well, you're walking into an ambush."
-Infantry Journal
Love that quote.
It's true though.
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zeusosphereHobbyist General Artist
You're amazing, you know that...? Frankly, my jaw drops whenever I see one of your speedpaintings... how on earth do you achieve both this sketchiness AND a sense of realism at the same time!?
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LJFHutchProfessional Digital Artist
Wow, amazing man! This is great, the colours and lighting especially are just incredible. I actually really like that style too, nice work :)
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Someone called this "sexy"? Shudders, must have been a Rockefeller or someone. I hope you do not mind but when next I do a writing on war, that might get used if you do not mind. Will add the credit of course and let you know. You capture any war in the Middle East, well.
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JoergPatriasProfessional Digital Artist
very good light and well readable silhouettes.
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very amazing
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O.O this is so awesome.....
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ApneicMonkeyProfessional Digital Artist
Wow! This image works on so many levels.

Of course, I love the subject matter and lighting, etc but what really stood out for me was how this image transforms from it's thumbnail view to it's full-size view.

How visible and random the brushstrokes seem in full-view but then how stylized and refined the image is as a thumbnail.

Very cool - well done - awesome work! :D
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pro2004 Digital Artist
Great lighting and mod.
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Fantastic job. I can hardly believe that this is just a speed painting. Do you work for some magazines or book illustrations? It would be interesting how your work is proceeding. Would you mind to make a tutorial or snap shots of your work in progress?
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PSYXXARTSProfessional Digital Artist
Your use of light and composition are just beyonf word man!
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mindtricks420Student Digital Artist
Love it.
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deScignHobbyist Photographer
Amazing job
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I have to agree with MrCanavan. Overall I love the light and the palette. For a speed paint exercise, this is great.
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would be cool if you could share the settings for the brush.

: )
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Great technique, very unique here on DA, also a great job with the warm lighting, evening/morning mood.
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