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Meduzarts: Subaru Ep2, Matte3

It's a 3d matte painting that we did a while ago at Meduzarts ([link]).
The client was Subaru and the project was a 3 Episode commmercial in HDTV resolution. The 3d modelling, texturing and rendering was done by Stephan Brisson and Eve Berthelette. My part was the concept art and the final digital matte painting. This project was lots of fun to work on, since the only restrictions was the look of a dark, chinese futuristic city at night.
I've spent approx. 2-3 days on the matte painting.
All lights are painted in Photoshop
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This is brilliant job mate!
This reminds me of some promo pics from Black Lotus (now known as Sleeping Dogs). Great work.
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Looks like something out of Serenity. More please :)
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Woah for a second there I thought it was a photo.
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But Subaru is basicaly japanese company...
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this looks simply amazing!
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Wauw! Looks damn real! oOo
dfpcmaia's avatar
wait a minute, is the the painting or the 3D?
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Says in the description that it's a 3D matte painting :D (Yeah, replying to and old comment, I know x))
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this is incredible!!!!!!
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woops that was suppose to ne a Wow! not Anger hhh
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Featured in [link] - DARK AS NIGHT :gallery:
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haha, I love nature, but cityscape is just something you can't help but be awe inspired by human's marvelous creations
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oh my fucking god.
that's so breath-taking. incredible.
Looks like Hong Kong in 20 years time, I like the area in the middle where you can see down into the canal area.
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The colours are fantastic. :)
zJoriz's avatar
That looks freakin' realistic!
techloveroneofakind's avatar
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This is freaking amazing!
Great job.. I'm such a fan of your work... =)
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I would like to say "pff easy", but no one could trust me...
Real nice work, well done!
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so many lights... just amazing
r-reconditus's avatar
it... looks a lot like Hong Kong. O__O
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wow..... thats incredible
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