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August 28, 2012
Hyper York: Underground Chinatown by *inetgrafx
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Hyper York: Underground Chinatown

Here's a new concept painting showcasing an underground asian district. I called it Hyper York, since I got inspired by one of my trips to New York last year. I tried to keep the "sci-fi" as minimal as possible to still keep it somewhat believable ...

Painted in Photoshop CS6 within 6-7hours on and off ...
Let me know what you think.

I've also updated my website ([link]) ... finally after almost 7 years :-S
Let me know what you think,

PS.: I've uploaded a higherres version of it on my website in 1080p
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Man I had a similar idea for a environment/background awhile back. The idea was the a town or city in a ravine or cave that spans the underground with a field or forest on the surface above this "undertown" of mine.

Great work right here!!! Evokes good and interesting feelings in my brain!

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All i can say is wow! This is a very creative piece full of originality and beauty! I love how you can see the buildings in the back ground with subtle streaks of light from other flying cars like the awesome detailed one up front! i also like the signs because they look a lot like the signs you'd see in new york or in china town. This really has a feel that you can just walk into the scene and explore this vast and amazing city! I love the idea, love the technicality and LOVE it all! Great work!
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thanks a bunch for your kind words! very much appreciated!
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Awesome picture, it looks amazing, well done...:) (Smile) 
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What struck me most about this was the notion of interconnected buildings meaning that pedestrians could walk all over the city at multiple levels - and indeed due to population, may well need to.

Very nice.
Cyberpunk anyone?
The concept and painting techniques are executed very well.

However, that floating car is a bit out of place for me. It's because of the color is too white.
While I think it could be the a little more fancy in color.
And the "lightning tube sign" is a bit unbalance.

Anyway, this still a great work. Keep up good work man!
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Very "Bladerunner-y" :)
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love concepts.  I really like the colors and lighting you've achieved here. 
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Wow....what a hell hole.
Make tis a print and i just Mighty get It instead ofta wallpaper
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great! i love the atmosphere. for me it has a really dangerous mood.
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Very Bladerunner!
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Hello! You've been featured here: [link]
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give it a few years and it will happen.
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Coool!... but I really don't want to live in a place like this... :)
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Awsome work very classic keep up the good work
this has to be one the best.

~Stay Classic~
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Totally Total Recall!! ;)
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