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July 14, 2021
Futuristic Ocean Desalination Units by inetgrafx
Featured by cosmicbound
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Futuristic Ocean Desalination Units


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... early album cover proposal concept. 

the moon had some issues there due to some typical manmade incident.
Meanwhile, extracting salt and freshwater from the oceans ... probably not a good idea either.
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brockisok's avatar

Where do the put all the salt?

This reminds me of the og dishonored paintings

Tinselfire's avatar

I do not think it an exaggeration calling this a display of timeless architecture.

Spare-15's avatar

The shattered moon in the background reminds me alot of the one in Titanfall 2.

diesel10joseph567's avatar

Fantastic. Love the architecture.

LindArtz's avatar

Very Nice work!!! :clap: Congrats on your DD!!!

For My Personal Use Only
inetgrafx's avatar

Thank you! that's a nice surprise!

Jeremy-The-Guy's avatar

Disaster or not, that is a cool sky as a result 😊

submicron's avatar

Straight up Oblivion. Nicely done.

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Stingra's avatar

Very Oblivion-esque.

inetgrafx's avatar

Thanks a lot @Stingra - I was definitely going after references of this. Loved that movie from a visual standpoint ! check out @AndreeWallin's epic work on that!

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