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Hi there!

Yet another "against-the-light" matte painting.
I want to show off a post apocalyptic destroyed cityscape, maybe after a war.

It's done with Photoshop CS and After Effects.
I kept the buildings in several layers and added fog in between.

Finally I rendered a camera pullback in After Effects with a previous version of the matte.
Please use "save target as ...", since I haven't optimised the clips for streaming:

PC - WMV-File, WM Version 8 Codec (3.4 MB): [link]
MAC - Quicktime, Sorenson Codec (9.8 MB): [link]

For those who are interested in having a look at the initial sketch: [link]

Thanks hoon, for helping me out with the final color correction ;)

Cheers, Daniel
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I'm interested in using this image as the cover for a book I have written that is undergoing final edits. It is a sci-fi erotica book that will eventually be produced as an audio book. I would, of course, give you full credit on the inside cover. What do you think?

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Looks like the perfect place for a massive Human vs Machine warzone. The sky, destruction and lighting are beyond perfect for this picture

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I would appreciate it if you could make a 2K version (2560*1440) since its 2020 now. Wish I could find this perfect post apocalyptic city picture earlier!

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Welp everything is dead
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I just found an Instagrammer that used this painting in an edit without crediting:…
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Hello there i saw this amazing photo of yours and i was wondering if i can use this as a cover of a book. I’ll give full credit mentioning your name, DA account/website, and photo’s link.

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No words
I seriously have no words to explain this art
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So good i want to live there for some reason
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Now why would you want to live in a post apocalyptic warzone???

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Details are awesome ! I almost can feel a cold wind through this ghost town.
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This is absolutely stunning! Do you mind if my indie-comic group uses this artwork (Environment: POST-APOCALYPSE) for our background cover? We'll definitely make sure to give you full credits and link to your deviantArt page. Pretty please??? :iconsobeautifulplz:
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This is absolutely stunning. 
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Cheers, i'm from a Portuguese Crust band. We are finishing our 2nd CD and we are choosing some pictures for the cover and also the booklet. This picture does have what we're looking for. The album is going to be called Irae Dei and we are searching for chaotic, apocalyptic images. Can we use this picture? We will give you full credit, off course. We only need to put logo and title over the image, or some other lettering if we do not use it as cover. Nevertheless we will not modify the image. Thanks!!!
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Hey this is a really really amazing work !  My biggest respekt !
May i ask you is it possible to use your work for my new Music composition for a Cover? I promise to mention you as the owner of this great work !
I have a Music channel on youtube and if you want you can visit it!

Youtube: ZEK Music
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Amazing! such detail!
after biggest change
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Amazing! The atmosphere in this is simply stunning. Love it. :)
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A well done post-apoc piece always makes me happy. Do you think that's a sign of something being seriously wrong with me?
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No, you just like good art! ~even if it's a little dramatic/tragic
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So you're saying I should stop setting fires and sew this piece of my ear back on? Sound advice taken :)
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Absolutely beautiful work. :) I love it! Th fog really adds to it!
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