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Environment: Deadwood

Hi there!

Guess which sketch I used to complete this matte painting? ;)
I changed the topic, mood and lighting quite a bit ...

Done in Photoshop CS
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Dang... im not a sucker for landscapes, but this one just nails it!

The giant flying manta rays remind me of Alderaan.
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This is incredible, and appeals to me on so many levels I cannot even begin to list them all.
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There seems to be a clash in the topic, with the forest kind of winning out over the city, but with the city making a point that massive civilization is close at hand. It's a little off-putting, but I love how you made the edge of the forest turn out. Spooky.
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Wonderful piece~ I especially like the grave on the hill.
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Amazing animals and city! Feels like a great place to live, where nature can exist with technology!
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Wonderful scene! Im amazed.
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There must have been a lot of limestone at one. A lot seems to have eroded away
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Reminds me of Dantooine in Star Wars with the flying stingray
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outstanding image!
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the drawing is very technical, but I feel sad for whoever lives with dead trees
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Awesome art! The details are insane!
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Beautiful, I love the atmosphere...
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The sky looks so real, are they is it a photo?
If not, then I just NEED to know how you make such clouds in Photoshop.
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