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Destroyed Cathedral Exterior

By inetgrafx
Yet another concept painting for my personal project ...
Destroyed Cathedral at night time with stuff going on in the interior, kind of lit by moon light and ambience.
Entirely done in Photoshop CS2 in 3 hours.
I spent half of the time actually playing around with the mood and colors ...

Breaking the habit of 16:9 format it felt quite unusual to me painting in vertical on a widescreen :S. Also the architecture tends to be more vertical ...

Thanks for viewing!

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LacrimaeNivis's avatar
wonderful picture
DavidGeorgePortero's avatar
Very nice work, and a dark but magic feel also.  I like the way the Orange light inside gives a warm glow, and I can almost see the Moon just outside the picture too.  Thumbs up.  I love fantasy stuff like this :D  Add to favs.  
alekhamen's avatar
Very creepy and cool. Now you're making me want to see the inside lol
will-the-hunter's avatar
wow...would you mind if i used this for something? im a writer and this would make a great cover for my latest project...i will give you credit
Zurthuryx's avatar
This is beautiful destruction. It also reminds me of the Cowboy Bebop episode "Ballad of Fallen Angels." Good job.
ForestDwellerHouses's avatar
I got married there, just kidding nice pic!
gwladysrose's avatar
3 hours only, can't believe it!!!!!!!! wow!
ancient-warrior's avatar
Great, a strange Place for me !
This is really well done. The streaks of orange in the dark mass of the castle is beautiful. I'm currently making a short story (nothing serious - it's purely for my own entertainment) and I was wondering if I could use this as a cover. I'll give credit if you approve.

creecreehoneybee's avatar
This is awesome on so many levels. Nice work!
Uriel12's avatar
Excellent work! I used your creation here [link] Thanks =)
KittyHawks-Serenity's avatar
Nice Artwork. I like the Magical Dark feeling it has.

SilentArtists's avatar
May I use this in a noncommercial video? I will give credit
lordmep's avatar
So much awesomeness.
captaincabin's avatar
Very nice. Love the darker 'stuff going on in the interior' vibe. Gives the piece an ominous quality. Do you ever add animated elements to works like these? Flickering light from inside & from
fire light on exteriors, subtle hi-lights cast by moonlight in & outside of cloud cover following the moonlight? I experimented with a similar wide format image to use as mood setting on Halloween, running on an hd video screen. I didn't get very pleasing results for the amount of time I put into it. I spent most of that time trying to figure out what product in Adobe CS4 suite was best to employ. Could I pick your brain for some advice on that? If you wanted to add animated flames set in torches lining the entrance, casting their flickering hi-lights on the Cathedral surfaces how would you attack that, using Adobe cs4 suite? I used Photoshop cs4 extended for painting the stationary elements & experimented with the animated elements in both PS & After Effects but never got it nailed to my satisfaction. I didn't paint the flames but added them as image sequences from this stock video source, [link] What would you advise to make these effects quickly & easily?
I love your stuff, thanks for sharing.
dawnfire4hokage's avatar ... exactly what i want to envision.
thank you, you just made it into my book. welllll
at least your picture did!
(explanation below)
HeavyBenny's avatar
Looks like a Diablo scene, amazing work :)
jemms2012's avatar
Time-of-Night's avatar
No doubt, good work- good concept.
Great work Dan..
MadeleiZoo's avatar
rialynkv's avatar
Like ones in Narnia! XD
Grey-the-VIII's avatar
What wonderful architecture. :)
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