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Concept: Irontown

Hi there,

This's my first painting this year.
It follows a script for a HL2-Mod.
I just want to show off a vast city scape with an unique building type.

I finally stocked up my RAM to 3GB on my Dual Xeons.
So for now digital painting is great fun . . .

It's entirely done in Photoshop using my custom brush library.

Critiques and comments are very welcome! +Favs and +Friends too ;)

Thanks for viewing and
belated a happy new year to ya all!



Thanks to all for your help via comments and critiques!
I've updated the image and corrected the appearance of the windows and added further details!

I hope you like it ...

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Come join our team
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"city of a million tales"
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stared for 10 mins. thanks
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love your work!
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Critiques? Not a single one!!
Your work is fantastic.
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This work has been featured here [link]
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I love it, I'm really wanting to get into something like this but I have nooo idea where to start, how did you do this completely in PS? A lot of the pen tool or what? I always picture something like this done in 3D studio first or whatever. If you have any tips, tutorials or whatever I'd be most grateful. Good stuff.
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Amazing concept mate! Fantastic one futuristic looking, city and the painting have so much details. Nice job!!! =D
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Totally amazing work,
so much detail to look at, I simply had to stare at this for a while...
And right's in my faves!:):)
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Love the little details!

Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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Just... wow...

I'm afraid I'm waaay too awed by this to post something intelligent.
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dude, that city is awesome! it looks like something out of a star wars cocept drawing!
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It's this kind of thing that makes me take an extra look. I love this. Not quite as much as I love natural landscapes but it comes in second on my overall Love-Factor. I simply love painting in photoshop myself and I'm really trying to get the hang of it. You master it Pretty well. And I can only strive to become just as good, or better than you are(insert better compliment). Simply stunning.
I have to commend you for your works, they really are new worlds filled with beauty.

This is no exception, it is soo great!
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Your great deviation has been featured in my journal! :D = [link]

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this is awesome O.O
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great work, your work has been featured on my journal :)

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oh my god, what for a great work, fantastic job, :bow:
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VERY unique building design! I love the colors and the way you painted all the details! You said that you used custom brushes: mind giving me a few hints or tips if I were to undertake a project like this one?
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Words can't express how awesome I find this.
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this is really amazing O_O :wow:

i still have a lot to learn ....
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