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Abandoned Gothic Cathedral

Another concept art piece for my personal project that is currently in the conception stage ...
I used some references from, which is quite an amazing site for royality free images ...

Thanks for viewing,

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u know that don omar, a singer, used this for a background cd?

I started writing a book, after seeing that image. Congratulations on the work. INCREDIBLE.

probably your most viewed picture,Already has more than 10 million on YT


Just wanna say this is one of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. You're unbelievably talented, truly.

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Reminds me of Notre Dame. Right after the fire.
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Hi, can I use this picture in a Painting, Thanks Ash.;P

I discovered you thanks to this video (youtube)/watch?v=m4oZZhpMXP4
Really love this image.
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some one used this for a youtube music by Tchaikovsky…
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great atmosphere. Using this for minecraft inspiration.
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I feel like I've been there in a dream or some past life. +fav B-) (Cool) 
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We all have at our core, that place represent the throne room of the most high somewhat that light
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Words fail me here, thank you!
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This is just stunning, like a dream within a dream Elegant Divider - top  Pixel Rose Divider 2 - Black Elegant Divider - bottom 
If these walls could talk........-F2U- Beating Purple Heart  -F2U- Beating Purple Heart  
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where is this cathedral located?
Wonderful, amazing! Your picture reminds me about S. Andrea's Church interiors. The church is located in Mantua, Italy.
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Just discovered this picture. Absolutely stunning!
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This is actually stunning! It kinda reminds me of a gothic St. Peter's, I love it.
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I am a kind of person who is not so easily impressed. There had been only a few images which caught my glance and every part of my soul said, "wowwww". This is one of most incredible image, yet so powerful.
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Hi there, this is incredible!

Would you mind if our Facebook group could use it to write music to? Every person who has written music to your art will obviously credit you and include a link to your DeviantArt page, as well as a link to this image.

Cheers :)…
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wonderful picture...

always loved mediaeval architecture
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This piece is beautiful. :)
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Hi Daniel! I featured your image in a non-profit video that I made. I like writing poetry & putting it to music as a hobby. This image really fit the theme. Here is a link ...
Thank You Heart !
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