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Devious Journal Entry

Tue Apr 30, 2013, 1:11 AM

Hand-made paper

Wed Jan 30, 2013, 1:45 AM

hand made paperhand made paperhand made paperhand made paper

Very beautiful work of designer Christina Kraplak Lake of paper, hand-made
I made a movie

Overview of the hand-made paper on my website

Filznadel funny toys

Mon Nov 12, 2012, 7:40 AM

kitty feldingmouse felding
(en)To develop a new kind of creativity for me: filznadel toys) It turns out it is very exciting and meditative exercise) and the kids love the result. We use only the best materials: high quality yarn and related materials :) Otherwise there is no point in doing anything like that, you can discourage poor materials create)
bunny felding

Art book from ArtTalk project

Mon Aug 27, 2012, 3:27 AM

Released a new art-book project on Art Talk, where I also published three of his Madame Winter, The Witch and The Kiss) has received a copy of all a month ago. I will say that it looks very cool. Excellent printing, stylish design, excellent work of the best digital artists! Buy this art-book…

My site updated. Now this blog)) Here I will post not only their own work. However, announcements of new projects. As well as articles and lessons to help young artists. Most of wrote itself. The rest is the best that I found on the web. Welcome! :)
- My handmade blog
There is something far worse than copying the work (Manufacturers steal this work for their goods and earn it. And I can not get justice ((
(ру) Есть кое что гораздо хуже, чем копирование работы ( Производители крадут эту работу для своих товаров и зарабатывают на ней. И я не могу добиться справедливости ((……

The artist painted a picture based on my own. And proving that plagiarism is not here, that this work on the grounds that the modified collage and the author does not have the right predyavlyat claim. What do you think about this?
It is very important opinion of Western artists, I know that copyright law is enforced very well. In Russia it is as if none at all.

Художник нарисовал картину на основе моей. И доказывает что плагиата тут нет, что это работа по мотивам, измененный коллаж и автор не имеет право предьявлять претензии. Что Вы об этом думаете?Мне очень важно мнение западных художников, я знаю что закон об авторском праве соблюдается очень четко. В России его как будто и нет вовсе.
Launched a new project. Production applications for the iphone with my little elf. The first free online cartoon with mermaid can download here…
Video Mermaid…
and the site itself can be seen here
Wish us luck! :)

'Secrets of the pirates'

Thu Mar 11, 2010, 7:14 AM

I received a long-awaited book. Depicted it with the artist Igor Savchenko two years ago. It was printed in China. And here I am holding their manuscripts. There are many different pockets, maps, hidden secrets. It turned out beautiful. It's called "Secrets of the pirates". Tells about the life of pirates in the 18 century.

Я получила долгожданную книгу. Рисовали ее с художником Игорем Савченко два года назад. Печаталась она в Китае. И вот я держу в руках свои авторские экземпляры. В ней много разных карманов, карт, скрытых секретов. Очень красивая получилась. Называется "Тайны пиратов". Рассказывает о жизни пиратов в 18 веке.Несколько страниц во флеш-версии можно увидеть и полистать тут…


Wed Feb 24, 2010, 12:44 AM

Create the portfolio. Looks good:)