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Kiss by ines-ka Kiss :iconines-ka:ines-ka 4,753 436 The Witch by ines-ka The Witch :iconines-ka:ines-ka 1,991 205
Little Elves by ines-ka Little Elves :iconines-ka:ines-ka 888 150 The Spell by ines-ka The Spell :iconines-ka:ines-ka 670 83 Snow Queen by ines-ka Snow Queen :iconines-ka:ines-ka 331 31 Lady Winter by ines-ka Lady Winter :iconines-ka:ines-ka 506 49 Items for allods by ines-ka Items for allods :iconines-ka:ines-ka 261 12 Vampire by ines-ka Vampire :iconines-ka:ines-ka 283 31 water idol by ines-ka water idol :iconines-ka:ines-ka 205 21 Good morning, baby by ines-ka Good morning, baby :iconines-ka:ines-ka 188 44 Animation the Kiss by ines-ka Animation the Kiss :iconines-ka:ines-ka 140 34 Rage witches by ines-ka Rage witches :iconines-ka:ines-ka 199 41 Bird Sirin by ines-ka Bird Sirin :iconines-ka:ines-ka 218 20 Enchanting dragon by ines-ka Enchanting dragon :iconines-ka:ines-ka 255 62 Night rides by ines-ka Night rides :iconines-ka:ines-ka 147 23 Little Robin Hood by ines-ka Little Robin Hood :iconines-ka:ines-ka 151 31 Angel by ines-ka Angel :iconines-ka:ines-ka 74 16 Pepperon spitfire by ines-ka Pepperon spitfire :iconines-ka:ines-ka 105 24 Meduza by ines-ka Meduza :iconines-ka:ines-ka 79 17 Arhelon by ines-ka Arhelon :iconines-ka:ines-ka 96 9 Union of Chaos and the Law by ines-ka Union of Chaos and the Law :iconines-ka:ines-ka 48 11 Dragon amur by ines-ka Dragon amur :iconines-ka:ines-ka 103 22 forest mage by ines-ka forest mage :iconines-ka:ines-ka 114 12 Nosy bitten by ines-ka Nosy bitten :iconines-ka:ines-ka 100 20


Elenaislife Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015
Do you do requests?
ines-ka Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2015
What  requests?
RoseCS Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2015
wonderful works!
Alexandera1609 Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012
классно, мне нравиться!
elgonzoonyx Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011
Your work is masterful. Truely awesome.
LadyZoe1 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Amazing work!
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