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The Witch

By ines-ka
This witch lived in the woods. In a hut on chicken legs. With faithful raven, cat and toad. This is an illustration of stories about love of an angel and witch.
3D version of the picture here: [link]
Thanks Mark Ramsey [link]
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Love it! Great scenery and setting for the lady witch as well.
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"This is an illustration of stories about love of an angel and witch." where can I read or buy these stories?^-^
this picture is awesome <3
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Love the colors. Nice work!
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Cool. The muted color scheme and lack of broomsticks or cauldrons make this witch-centric piece different from most others.
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We all have our inner image of ourselves. This captures mine perfectly!~ :) 
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This is absolutely perfect. I cannot begin explaining my amazement at this picture. Colours,shapes,expressions, all of it is beautiful. I looked at picture because it was so pretty and then I noticed hut and story. My heart almost exploded. I take it is younger Baba Yaga? Given that in myths she aged every time she answered question for one year, she must have been on long interview to go from this to….
Do you have link to story?
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Thank you!Baba Yaga concept is distorted. Initially,she was another maiden. Here you can read about it, but in Russian…
Yes, there was a poem which was drawn illustration. But I lost it
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You're welcome.

I don't get it- do you mean Baba Yaga in this image, or in general?

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In this illustration, a witch. Not Baba Yaga. But the image is similar
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Ah understand. It is because of house you know.
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Fantastic ! It's Baba Yaga (young ?) ?
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Baba Yaga is a wonderful Russian character. I love this piece of art indefinitely.

Tell me, is this your interpretation of Baba Yaga, one of her daughters or the "Maiden" ?
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This is not my interpretation. This picture was painted as an illustration to the poem about the angel and witch :)
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I don't see the cat or the toad.
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Hе sleeps :)))
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It looks fantastic!
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Amazing work :heart:
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