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Final Fantasy XV - Map / Signpost Font - Chocobros

By inertSpark
Chocobros is an OpenType (.OTF) font inspired by the map/signpost typeface used in the video game, Final Fantasy XV.

This is very much a work in progress.   Numeric and special characters are currently unavailable.  This will be updated as and when I can manage.


*To install this OpenType font, simply click the download link to the right to download the .zip file.

*Unzip the font and double click the font file and hit "install".  Alternatively you can copy it to your Windows\Fonts folder.


UPDATE v0.1: All Uppercase and Lowercase Characters added, in addition to "!" "." and ","

No Special Characters or Numbers are included at this time!
© 2017 - 2021 inertSpark
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Is there a chance of seeing the funny looking B character that GTA V made a joke about "pisswasser" with?
Bjornieman's avatar
Hey, any progress on this one?
dragynstorm's avatar

This is awesome! Thanks for creating it!!

AyaseFanatic's avatar
Beautiful! thank you!
Dyanisis's avatar
Thank you so much, I've been looking for an Eos-style font forever!  <3
BronzeHeart92's avatar
Man, the world of FFXV definitely is a funky place...
ShiroiKoumori's avatar
I have found these on the internet. Some more magazines are in the Platinum demo that are not listed here.
Here's a mag with 100 from the main game.…
There's a colon here:…
' and ? in the lower left portion:…
[ and ]…
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Thanks.  It's certainly useful.   I Think I'm just missing 5 & 6 now.   I'm also positive that the J is inaccurate but haven't seen anything clear.
ShiroiKoumori's avatar
I saw your reddit post and I was directed here. Excellent job! I am waiting for the final product. :)
inertSpark's avatar
Cool, thanks!

I need examples of the numbers and some special characters in order to finish it.  I'm  searching the game right now but if you come across any, please let me know! :)
ShiroiKoumori's avatar
Ok. I'll keep an eye out for those.
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