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The Wall

I've been ill the last few days, and literally bed ridden. I've worked on this on and off when I've mustered the energy to do so. One thing I've learned is never to work on something while you have a fever - I must have changed this art piece SO many times >.<

Anyhow, I'm done now. Digital paint, and photomanipulation - again going for a Matte Painting. Hopefully I'm improving!

Closeups: [link] - Download for the full size :D

With thanks to the following stock used and referenced.

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I really love the concept of this a lot. Its a great dive into practicing with matte. With a close up look of this, the only major problem I seen was with the lighting. It would give that excellent impact to finish off this piece. I can't complain at all about the technique since it looks like you did a good job with getting all of the elements to look almost seemless. So it brings me back to the main point of lighting. With a great job in blending all of the pieces together, it has a great lack of light source. It seems from some of the structures that the light source is off to the left? Possibly next time, try to put markers to show which direction your sun/light is coming from to help shade. Just a little more into the painting and lighting will greatly improve an already fantastic technique you have here.
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As a study in matte blending, this is a good effort. However, like realityfaery, I am somewhat bothered by the lighting. I also find the forward bank of the river/lake disturbing to my eye. Overall, there is too much going on in too little space. I think you could cut the picture into sections and work on them. If you want to put them all together, they could use a larger canvas. Look at Chinese paintings--it is what is not there that makes it work, not all the detail. Think about white space. It is extremely important in both Chinese and Japanese painting. The eye needs a place to rest to contemplate what it is seeing. Keep up the good work.
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That bank has something to it that I noticed too. Couldn't put my finger on it though. hmmm...
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Thank you so much for your critique. Lighting is definitely something I have issues with but I am getting there. I appreciate the tips and suggestions! Thank you so much for taking the time to help.
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You're welcome! You definitely have talent in matte :nod: I myself want to get into it, I absolutely love the style. I think lighting is an issue a lot of us starting out have. Though I know you'll master that part no problem ;) I'll be looking forward to hopefully seeing more from you!
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wow it look awesome 
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This art piece deserves attention. It's so beautifully created. So dreamlike. Love it.
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This is gorgeous, I can't believe how few people have commented! I think it really deserved a DD.
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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fav fav fav fav fap ops xd
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this deserves a DD , gonna suggest it !
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I love it. Really great placement of each item, and the overall design really sparks my interest ;)
Oh, and I feel like adding something I learned in geography class. Those hills on the left, they have terrace farming on them. The way that the hill is cut in to, to make it look like steps. lol, just felt like mentioning.
Back to the artwork. Love the boat, and the waterfalls are awesome.
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another lovely landscape :D

couple of point that have me wondering... the roof, immediate foreground on the left; wouldn't that be too close to have fog partly obscuring it? i'm also having a bit of a problem following the waterfalls; granted the more distant ones could be disappearing in hidden canyons but the one in the front-right seems to be coming from the top of the cliff which appears to be higher than the wall behind it. :confused:

overall impression & feeling though, love it. :D
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quite fantastic. The details and depth are wonderful. Well done.
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I must admit jealousy to your ability to create these amazing places. The depth and detail you put into this is remarkable. I will absolutely be adding this to my :+fav:.
Like it very much! Beautiful work!
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Wow... Gorgeous! I love the details and the composition! Just amazing :faint:
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Beautiful work! :clap:
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Wonderful work as usual. I whish you get better soon :hug:
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Hope you're feeling better soon! Being sick is awful.
This is nice! Kind of like the orient meets Venice!
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