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In the Rain

((Sorry for the re-upload - dA is acting VERY strange with me today. None of my work is showing in my gallery >.> )))

My Entry for "Inside the Box" (How many girls do you see standing near or in the ocean, in the rain? - hence, why it's the "Inside the Box" :D )

:icon6elfwitch9:'s Contest - [link]
News Article - [link]

With thanks to:


The rest was digitally painted by Me and Photoshop. My brushes and textures as well as my own gradients.

Thanks for the comments and favs! :heart:

box, rain, boat, woman, umberalla, beach, bird, waves, ocean
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I'm a poet from germany who tries to make videos for youtube out of his poems. For that, I need wonderful pictures like this one for the background. So I wanted to ask you, if I'm allowed to use your picture for my video. It will be non-commercial and you sure will get credit in my video.
I'd be happy, if you contact me.

Best regards,
Cylan Hemmingway
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Beautiful image! Beauty, originality and charmed ! Good job ![link]
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A couple months ago I befriended an 11 year old girl. She was the daughter of the man I was dating and I gew to care a lot for her. The relationship didn't last no matter what I tried, I eventually had to leave one day because of the physical abuse. I regret leaving her. She was a shy but smart girl and very beautiful inside and out. I wish I could still be there for her. We were browsing Deviantart here before I ever had an account and she saw this picture. She said that this was a personification of me. It was touching. She knew me better than her own father. I randomly just searched for the word rain and found this again. Thanks you.
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omg thats so wonderful (L)
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That is so pretty!
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Featured in this news article [link] ;)
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Beautiful work! I love the clouds and stormy effect of the piece. It's lovely xD
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Hi! I featured this here [link] :blowkiss:
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Wow! I would stand by the sea in the rain too! It's so hot nowadays at my place, but thank God it rains beautifully today. Your artwork is also so beautiful!
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it reminds me of that myth everybody knows, how a woman is waiting for her love by the seaside.
*sigh* it's so lovely!
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Hello :wave:
I just wanted to let you know that this has been featured in my journal here [link]
Thank you!
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Amazing work , I like specially the color tones :clap:
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happy or sad?...idk which it be tbh :P
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the feeling in the picture obviously :P
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This is gorgeous! I love how you've put the stocks together :blowkiss: Fantastic :dance:
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