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A Path to Inner Peace

Edit - I have adjusted the shadow, and corrected the position. Thanks so much for the suggestions!

Been busy with Easter and heartbreak, so yeah, this is my latest mix media piece. He is looking for inner peace - as I am. As I think we all are.

My Entry for The Secret Garden Contest - [link]

I find the search for inner peace - a secret garden to be a place that would offer solitude and hope. A dream on some levels that one can walk to and find peace offered from the very depths of nature. To be surrounded by the magic of it all and to simply exist. No words need to be spoken. Just the silence and magnitude of what surrounds you. It is my vision of a `secret garden`.

With thanks to the following:


The rest was painted by me, and my own personal resources.
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Beautiful image ! Beauty , charmed , and originality ! Good job ![link]
the path to inner peace usually is full of obstacles
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I've used this image (with credits) at [link]

Hope you won't mind it!
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I love this piece.. :love: :nod:
Just beautiful , serene i love the sense that the ruined building just arches so high above him , incredible picture thank you.
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woooow .. dont tell me that it didnt win?? cause how possibly anything can be better than this??
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Thank you kindly for your support!! :heart::joy:
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I have featured you stunning artwork here [link]
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Love it! Very pretty and imaginative
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Thank you so much! :heart: :hug:
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I don't really like the opacity of his shirt in correlation to the rest of the picture. That black is too dense and detail-less. His silhouette seems a bit too sharp also, if you look at the big picture, it's all dreamy but you can see the photo resolution on his outline, if you get what i mean. Doesn't seem to fit 100 percent. BTW, nice architecture mixing :)
Actual reason i am commenting is that it reminds me of a short animation i saw once, called "The Cathedral", in which the guy enters this old abandoned cathedral, made out of... and guess what happens... :) (hope it spawned some interest, it's really worth seeing i think hehe).
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nice image, looks like we are competing
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Absolutely stunning :clap: :+favlove:
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wish i could come up with 100 words so i could write a critique ;)
you do such beautiful work bringing concepts to life. your ability to see how unassociated pieces can be pulled together to create a completely natural looking scene that could not physically exist is amazing. :D

uhm, although it's been mentioned i still have to ask;
why is the shadow on the Light side? ;P
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I actually had the shadow on that side, due to the light coming in from the window - which was my initial thought. But, thanks to the critiques I have recieved (including your own!) I had now corrected it and changed the shadow to reflect the small lights in the arches, rather than the larger light from the window. It does make more sense to do that.

Thank you so much! :)
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