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ErenxReader - Reincarnation!AU - Again - Part II
    You'd never kicked a male in the groin before, but the reaction wasn't good, or even satisfying (despite that he totally deserved it).
    The boy let out a gasp, in pain, and then looked at you, in horror.
    "What the hell is wrong with you people!" you shouted, glancing from the regretful boy moaning on the floor to Armin who looked guiltily and freaked out. You then looked at the girl, who looked at you with a melancholy.
    The door flew open again to reveal Hange, holding sandwiches they'd gotten for themselves and you for lunch. The smile on their face vanished as they took in the situation.
    Hange put the sandwiches down on the counter and began to help the boy up, Armin moved to her aid instantly, as did the girl who'd entered with him.
    "Armin, Mikasa: Take Eren out of here. He should be fine, just make sure," Hange instructed looked to you, "We're just very excited to have y
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ErenxReader - Reincarnation!AU - Again - Part I
            "Alright, since it's the last week, I'm giving you this entire class to make art!" your teacher shouted over the din of students excitedly talking.
            You shut your eyes.  Summer.  It was so close, you could almost taste it.
            It was your junior year of high school, well, the end of it anyway.
            Art class was the last class of the day, and you were glad for it.  Something about making art last was relaxing.  Art class was rarely stressful and had a calming effect on you.
            As your class began to rise and shuffle about to get out the supplies, your teacher let out yelp,
            "Oh!  I almost forgot, tod
:iconineia:Ineia 48 25
HaruxReader - Like New - IV: Group Bonding
NOTE: The chapter references the anime Yowamushi Pedal and its characters who come to visit Reader-chan, if you are familiar with that, enjoy the crossover.  Also, The Little Mermaid film is present in this chapter, so if you haven't seen it or don't know what it's about it might be a little less enjoyable, my apologies.
     “Are you doing anything Friday?” Nagisa asked, as he fiddled with his goggles.  Being more unexperienced swimmers, you and Rei had been practicing sharing the kickboard, alternating every lap.  Rei had just started his, so you had a minute to talk.
     “Uh, why?” you asked.
     “Please don’t ask me out, PLEASE don’t ask me out,” you thought.
     “Well, we need to bond with you,” Nagisa smiled simply.  You blanked,
     “Bond?”  Ionic or covalent
:iconineia:Ineia 27 9
ErenxReader - As Many Times - Contest
Dust flew into the air as you opened the doors to the old store room.  You lived in a small cottage, but had quite a lot of space for storing things away and looking at the trunks and boxes piled up you realized just how old it all felt.  You hadn’t entered here for at least a few years, and you hadn’t even touched the box in five years.  Five years was a long time.  A very long time.
You felt old.
Sighing, you looked around for the old box, moving the junk around until you saw it.  A box you’d always remember, it was black and velvet, only about a foot and a half across.  Picking it up, you exited and shut the store room door behind you.  Walking down the hall, you went into your bedroom, and plopped down on your bed and stared at the little box.
Brushing the dust and lint that collected on it, you opened it slowly and laid out its contents on the bed.  The items looked as they did when you had put them in the container those f
:iconineia:Ineia 61 23
LevixReader - You Might Be - Contest
NOTE: This uses a reader-chan who is actually from our universe and got sent to the universe of Attack on Titan.
    Armin was crying, but he was still happier than you'd ever seen him.
    "I've wanted to see it for so long," he sobbed, yet they were joyful tears, "It's so beautiful!  Oh my god," he cried.
    Eren whizzed by his blonde friend, ripping off his shirt, as well as his own.  He sprinted down to the water, and threw both clothes in the ocean,
    "C'mon Armin!"
    The tears on his face stopped and he started to laugh, loudly and purely before chasing after the titan shifter into the water.
    Connie and Sasha proceeded to shove each other down the beach until they fell into the water laughing, fully clothed.
    Hange ripped off her shirt and ran to the water, with nothing on from her waist up, revealing some female
:iconineia:Ineia 149 55
JeanxReader - The Sound of Silence
      There is a difference between quiet and silence.
      In silence, there is no sound, only coldness and fear, hanging in the air.  At least the silences you’d experienced were like that.  Also, there was a sense of strain, knowing that silence would end with someone breaking it.
      But quiet…  Quiet is unique.
      Though Armin sat on a stool in the corner of the room playing guitar, it was quiet.  Sasha and Connie giggled with each other, in hushed voices, dancing to Armin’s music.  Eren and Mikasa had stood up and swayed around, grabbing each other hands and laughing softly.  Jean and Historia were both grinning, happy.  Even Levi, who certainly wasn’t smiling, didn’t look entirely miserable.  You even saw his foot tapping along to rhythm of Armin’s song.
:iconineia:Ineia 50 39
LevixReader - Nightmares, Tea, + Different Reality
[listen for song used here]
Oh and do you know what I mean?  Mmm, do you see?
It’s like a different kind of reality.
Yeah, I think I’ll make another cup...
    At first, it was just Eren.
    The middle of the night, he’d sit up and scream, or let out a yell.  Jean would say “shut up” and everyone would go back to sleep.
    The new squad Levi was in a new location and that location was a pretty small cottage in the middle of nowhere.  Which meant, you, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Sasha, Connie, Historia, and Jean were all crammed into one room, sleeping in bunk beds lining all the walls.
    Only Eren waking up?  Well, usually everyone (occasionally Connie slept through it) would wake up too, then go right back to sleep.
    But Jean started to have the nightmares too.
:iconineia:Ineia 243 76
LevixReader - College!AU: In Sickness (Not Health)
A/N: Three songs are used in this story, you can listen to them here, here, and here.  You don't have to listen to them, but they're good songs and they are in the story.  Enjoy!
   There was a knock on the door, you moaned in a hoarse voice,
   “Go away, I’m sick!”  The door opened, and Levi stood there.  Wearing normal clothes, and held an Au Bon Pain bag.  Whatever was in there smelled good, but still you glared at him.  Never listened, the jerk, you literally just told him to go away.  Ugh.  If your roommate, Sasha, hadn’t forgot her key (she always did), you could have locked up, but no.  Levi could just waltz on in.
   “You look terrible.”  Normally you’d reply
:iconineia:Ineia 155 56
HaruxReader - Like New - III: It's Been Awhile
   As you went through the doorway into homeroom, you heard a familiar voice say,
   You turned to the source of the speech to see Nagisa grinning with the other members of his club.  Even Makoto and Haru.  They all had a pretty neutral expression on their face, contrasting Nagisa’s.  You raised an eyebrow, but a bit of hope fluttered in her chest,
   “So did you all come here to let me down easy, or…?” you trailed off, but a smile was on your face.  They all came, so you were probably in.  Right?  That’s what you thought...
   Nagisa face turned serious and not as happy, you paled.  Oh no.  They were letting you down easy,
   “I’m sorry, ______-chan,” Nagisa apologized quietly.  You sighed,
   “That’s okay, I was a mess last night, so I understand, I mean--,” you paused tr
:iconineia:Ineia 42 12
ArminxReader - But Not So Bad - Part V - End!
   Pain flooded through you.  Your head slammed onto a blanket, which was resting on top of wood?  You couldn’t tell…  It was a flat and hard surface.  Your knee was aching, and your arm felt like it was on fire.
   You tried to sit up, but yelped out when it hurt a lot and felt an arm push you down.  Your vision was a little blurry, but getting clearer.  A blob with black hair had pressed you back...
   “Mikasa?” you guessed.  The blob nodded,
   “Yes, are you okay?” Mikasa asked.
   “A lot of stuff hurts, so uh…  Probably not, but I can think,” you admitted.
   “I’m not dead…  I wanted to come back here to find my way back to my own world.  I’m not freaking dead yet!” you thought happily, “I considered it.  But I’m here now.  So…  Where was I?
:iconineia:Ineia 61 21
ErenxReader Jean Hating Twinsies Drabble
   From the day you met Eren Jaegar, you knew one thing for sure.  You two looked a lot alike.  You didn’t love him at first sight, you didn’t think you were made for each other, you didn’t even think he was nice. No, it was that you were alike.
   Not in your hair color or complexion or stuff, you were the same height, same shaped eyes, same mannerisms.  Legit, you both got antsy around people you didn’t know, you ran your hands through your hair when you were frustrated, you didn’t like not understanding things, and you both were angered easily (Eren had more raw anger, but you both were set off easily).
   Also, you both hated Jean!  Yeah!  But seriously, that idiot flirted with you shamelessly after getting rejected by Mikasa.  It had gotten to the point where the flirting was just to annoy you, and Jean clearly didn’t like you.  Three whole years of really bad pick up lines, and jo
:iconineia:Ineia 253 110
LevixReader - Come With Me
   Petals slowly fell from the old flowers, landing on the stone.  You sighed, removing them, and placing fresh, new ones in their place.
   It was an enclosed area, kept off for the truest heroes.  And there were seven.  Just seven.
   You weren’t crying.  You hadn’t cried where you stood in a long time, but the same loss and sadness swept over you that had swept over you the five years ago.  You only just kept tears at bay.  It didn’t help that today was the anniversary.  Five years.  Five long, difficult years.
   You kneeled down, it always surprising that no one else had come since you had.  Your flowers always, only yours.  Everyone owed them, so why did no one come?  You never could figure it out.  But you...  You came every month, to refresh the flowers, and to talk.  You’d never heard a reply though.
   “I’m sorry,” y
:iconineia:Ineia 290 131
JeanxReader - Though May We Part - AU - Drabble
   He stared at you, and you at him.  It was one of those moments where there was nothing to say, yet so much needed to be said.  Just to make everything better.  As if that was possible.
   “I’m sorry, I made you come all this way,” you offered, with a weak smile.  Jean was frowning,
   “You’re sorry?!  YOU ARE SORRY!” Jean yelled, “Did you really think this is nothing to me?  Don’t be apologizing.”
   You smiled at the boy, though it hurt to.  He was frowning, but as he saw you smile he smiled a little too.  He took your hand and squeezed it,
   “You’re an idiot.”  You gripped it back,
   “Like this is my fault,” you waved around the room.  Jean sighed looking around the boring place.  It kind of smelled, it was all white and blank.  Like how you’d felt lately.
:iconineia:Ineia 54 46
HaruxReader - Like New - II: One Club Left
   You stepped into my classroom.  You had on the uniform and were trying not to look incredibly nervous.   After god knows how many schools, you learn first impressions are very important.
   The teacher smiled at you and stood up, the class became quiet.  Dang it, you wished everyone had just glanced up instead of staring at you.
   When it came to making the perfect not-nervous-at-all-totally-cool-new-student face you had it down by that point.  You stood at the front of the class,
   “This is ______ ________,” your teacher said, “She’s joining our class.”
   There were murmurs around the room.
   You weren’t frowning, but not really smiling.  Just a neutral face, you nodded to the class and took a seat.  Blending in, that was key, don’t seem too eager, or too bored, just average.  Physically, you looked American (and were American), but
:iconineia:Ineia 38 15
HaruxReader - Like New - I: Japanese Cars
   You stared at the building.  It was huge, and it frightened you.  You took a deep breath.  You’d done this before.  New school, new town, it was familiar (situationally).  But still different.  Something was always different...
   You’d been used to moving around, it was part of you.  Your parents were Japanese to English translators (or vice versa), they moved around Japan, and sometimes America, working with various companies.  They always ended up not staying with a certain company for whatever reason, a few years with one before moving to another.
   What did that mean for you?  Lots of moving.  But you didn’t mind much.  Good friends you made kept in touch by email, Skype, or text.  Other faded away with your past lives.
   Another fresh start, Iwatobi.  A small town in no where important, it sounded like an interesting ride.
   But your parents h
:iconineia:Ineia 50 16
ArminxReader - But Not So Bad - Part IV

   You sat in your room, humming to yourself, as you looked for a book to read.
   “Do.  Dooo Do Do.  Doo Dooooo Do Dooo Do.  SIE SIND DAS ESSEN UND WIR SIND DIE JAEGER!”
   “Stop singing your weird anime songs, ______, listen to music or something,” your brother shouts.
   “This is music!” you replied.
   There was a sigh, and your brother’s door being shut.
   Your family wasn’t behind your obsessions.  And you were okay with that.
   You were feeling bored, it was Saturday, and you didn’t have much to do.
   “Ah, forget books, how about drawing?” you thought.
   You flipped open your sketchbook that was reserved for anime and manga.  It was almost a way to remember what fandoms you were in, you’d drawn everything: there’s the Doctor, and Ed and Al, Haru and Nagisa were in there, and Levi a
:iconineia:Ineia 54 22


Titanic - Hetalia Doujin
I'm crying... so hard right now. Hetalia fan or not, read this doujin. And listen to 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Deon while reading it. You will sob your eyes out during the entire doujin. Just.. too sad TT.TT
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Part 5:
Part 6:
Part 7:
Part 8:
Part 9:
Part 10:
Part 11:
Part 12:
Part 13:
Part 14:
Part 15:
Part 16:
Part 17:
EDIT: That's it. I'm writing a PruHun story inspired by this doujin and Titanic. Be warned, it will be sad.
:iconjini-sama:Jini-sama 96 68
Fireheart by Charlie-Bowater Fireheart :iconcharlie-bowater:Charlie-Bowater 6,711 153 Sailor Emo Knife 1 by SenshiStock Sailor Emo Knife 1 :iconsenshistock:SenshiStock 192 33 Dress warmer by raikoart Dress warmer :iconraikoart:raikoart 6,120 94 Nice Ka-Chan AU Page 12 by CharlotteSketches Nice Ka-Chan AU Page 12 :iconcharlottesketches:CharlotteSketches 47 7 BotW sketch by Varguy BotW sketch :iconvarguy:Varguy 597 13 Nice Ka-Chan AU page 1 by CharlotteSketches Nice Ka-Chan AU page 1 :iconcharlottesketches:CharlotteSketches 86 8 kacchako by Clovercard kacchako :iconclovercard:Clovercard 141 1 Dami boceto by BrujaBea Dami boceto :iconbrujabea:BrujaBea 339 12 page 33 Rueday by Reptangle page 33 Rueday :iconreptangle:Reptangle 78 26 Sociopathic divinity by Juupion Sociopathic divinity :iconjuupion:Juupion 212 5 Haikyuu!! Bodyguards AU by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Bodyguards AU :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 422 32 Prince Sidon and Link by Bev-Nap Prince Sidon and Link :iconbev-nap:Bev-Nap 1,020 32 Kowareyasukater by NoVaNoah Kowareyasukater :iconnovanoah:NoVaNoah 208 8 Haikyuu!! Taiko Drums by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Taiko Drums :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 430 20 Haikyuu!! Dangerous Duos by Suncelia Haikyuu!! Dangerous Duos :iconsuncelia:Suncelia 457 9


A SNK reader insert reincarnation AU: should it be Eren or Jean x reader?  Any opinions?


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