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Halloween Dainty Contest Entry [Flashing Gif]

The rumors surrounding this particular piece of land, especially its vast corn fields, were surely exaggerated.  It was just a coincidence that their car happened to break down here, but the lack of cell service did complicate things.  They could see the lights of a cottage up ahead through the rain.  They'd be able to ring someone to come get them in no time.  They just had to make their way through the corn.  It would be fine.  It was just corn...
Cherry: I told you, we've already gone this way!
Percy: C-Cherry's right... We've passed that scarecrow 3 times now...
Brendon: Scarecrow?  ....What scarecrow?
Cherry: . . . . I swear to God it was there just a second ago...

So full disclosure, I've never actually seen Children of the Corn, but oh well xD  I don't have a program that can make gifs anymore, so I had to use EZGif and it absolutely killed the quality.  You can view the individual slides here

I FORGOT GIDEON'S WINGS AKJSHFKH its ok we aren't gonna talk about it

Gideon ("scarecrow") is owned by me. 
Rook is owned by JudasHymn , Percy is owned by me, Cherry is owned by CheeryLace , and Brendon is owned by me.
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OOOOO I LOVE THE ANIMATION ON THIS SOOO SO MUCH the details on the background are so wonderful too, great work!

thanks so much for entering the contest this month, good luck!

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you really knocked this out of the park <3 <3 so damn good