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Hello, friends!! I am planning a travel for a photography project to Peru and Bolivia - is anyone from or has anyone here been there before and could help me with some advice?
Thank you!! :heart:
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I did the Lares Trek in Peru, with a company named Llamapath. Hands down the best sights I've seen, and the best experience I've had.
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in Peru I would be most interested in seeing Lake Titicaca and the Uru communities, but if there is time for something else, I will check what you mentioned :) 
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Thank you for the info :aww: 
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Don't miss the area of Pisco and Ica in Peru.
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Thank you! I found out online about the Huacachina village and I would be deeply interested in visiting it. 
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Don't miss it.
Good luck and enjoy
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Be careful with taximen... :-/

Feel naked

Athough I've been stolen twice in three days (unusual to me, I'm travelling around since 30 years, without any major problems, excet in Cambodia... And Bolivia), these countries are just amazing. Beautiful, fascinating too. Take your time, avoid to take plane. Not for safety reasons, but just because sightseeing worths it. Going from Peru to Bolivia by coaches and boats on Titicaca's lake is unforgettable.

Maybe it is better to speak in Spanish and to avoid english. For most of locals, english-speakers mean americans (Gringos as they say).

And tell me if you need more specific informations,
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Hello! I am very interested in Lake Titicaca travels, but also Salar de Uyuni and some cities, as well. I know a bit of Spanish and if I really decide to go there, I will indeed learn it better :) 
Thank you very much for the advice!
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